More sustainable every day

For IKEA, the concept of sustainability is essential and every day we are more sustainable, with proposals such as the preparation of vegetarian hot dogs or methods to save energy..., and we are paving the way to offer a healthier home to the majority of people. We focus on inspiring change by designing affordable, recyclable and efficient products.

But... what do we understand by sustainability?

Among other things, that people live in the healthiest and most ecological way possible, be aware of our value chain and be responsible for the social impact in the communities where we work. We firmly believe that people should feel called to make positive, more sustainable change.

“No method is more effective than a good example”

Ingvar Kamprad | IKEA Founder

Our (sustainable) materials

At IKEA we are committed with the environment, so we proposed achieving this goal: in 2030, the 100% of our products will be made of recycled or renewable materials, such as 100% sustainable cotton, wood obtained from responsible forests, plastic from recycled or renewable materials and bamboo… they are the materials of the future.

People and planet. Our idea

We are reinventing our way of working in order to have a better planet, like collaborating with organizations that support local workers, reducing poverty, empowering women and addressing social and environmental challenges in India, Thailand, Jordan or Romania. Keep reading and discover how we do it.

People and planet. Ideas for you

We propose offering you inspiration in order to make easier a healthy and sustainable life at your home. Hereafter, we show you a selection of simple and affordable ideas that will help you save while you take care of our planet (it’s the most valuable resource we have!)

Responsible food

At IKEA we work to guarantee that every food product in our restaurants, bistros or Swedish food markets, are from suppliers responsible with the environment, that are sustainable and meet the most rigorous quality and animal welfare certificates.

Good examples of sustainable items from IKEA

The starting point in order to make a better day-to-day for the many people is take care of those products that have a purpose beyond being commercial, that help live in a more sustainable way, that are affordable. Together we can make great changes!