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Cooking to enjoy the everyday party

Preparing dinner for one, for two, for five or for ten. Cooking with care, chatting relaxedly while the pans, pots, knives, cutting boards and other kitchen utensils we have for you do their job to perfection.

A perfect table, your way

And when everything is ready, let's sit down at the table to share a meal full of good times with the ones you love the most. At IKEA we specialize in tableware, serving accessories, textiles, cutlery and everything you need to make sure your table is always ready for an extra guest.
Buying guide: How to choose your dining set

Ideas & inspiration

Gifts for sweet and baking lovers
Gifts for sweet and baking lovers

Which is the secret of the most tasty Christmas cakes? A combination of fresh ingridients, a little bit of ability and the right tools, like IKEA’s utensils and plates.

The best of going out for lunch
The best of going out for lunch

There's something about preparaing food outside thar simply heightens the moment.With the outdoor cooking season in the full swing, celebrate it by having all the necessities standing by - ready to serve you whenever the forecast is looking up.

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