The General Conditions of Use (hereinafter, the "Conditions") describe the terms that are applicable to the services and contents offered through the website, owned by the company SARTON DOMINICANA, S.A.S., (hereinafter, "IKEA" or "Sarton Dominicana S.A.S.")

Acceptance of the Conditions

The simple access to the present Web Page or the mere use of the service offered through it attribute the status of the user (hereafter, the “User”) of the Web Page and implies the full acceptance without reservations of the Conditions included in this document.

The provision of services and contents offered through this Web Page will always be conditional on the acceptance of the present Conditions. In the event that the User does not accept such Conditions, he/she should abstain from accessing the IKEA Web Page and/or using the services offered through it.

IKEA reserves the right to modify, at any time without prior warning, the structure, configuration and design of the present Web Page, as well as the present Conditions, and the particular conditions that, in case it applies, could be included. An updated version of them will be permanently available on the Web Page. The use of the services and/or the simple access of the IKEA Web Page will constitute the acceptance of any modification introduced, which means the User is firm and irrevocably obliged to check the content of the present Conditions each time the Web Page is accessed.

Legal capacity

The services and contents offered through the present Web Page are intended to all natural and legal people who, in conformity to the applicable legislation have the enough legal capacity for the acceptance of the present Conditions.

Intellectual and industrial property

All the industrial and intellectual property rights, as well as all the information contained in the Web Page (images, graphic designs, font code, design, navigation structure, databases, and any other content that appears in it) are the exclusive property of SARTON DOMINICANA SAS. or, when applicable, of Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

The present Conditions shall not be constructed as to assign any rights of intellectual and industrial property, any products offered on the Web Page or the actual Web Page, or on any of its integral elements (images, graphic designs, font code, design, navigation structure, databases, and any other content appearing in it) being the User expressly forbidden to carry out any reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making available, extraction, reusing, resending or using of any nature, by any mains or procedure, or any of them, except in cases when it is legally permitted or it has been authorised expressly and in written by SARTON DOMINICANA SAS and/or the holder of the corresponding rights.

The User is only authorised to visualise and obtain a temporary private copy of the contents for exclusive personal and private use in its computer systems (software and hardware) and are not subsequently transferred to third parties. With the previous reservations, the User may not be able to modify or reproduce this information, in part or in whole, without the express consent in writing of SARTON DOMINICANA SAS with expository nature, but not restrictive:

  • The User is not authorised to use the information contained in the Web Page in order to develop activities of commercial or professional nature (direct selling or any other class of commercial purposes as well as commercialising that information in any manner).
  • The User is not authorised to remove, avoid, manipulate the “copyright” and other identifying data of the rights of SARTON DOMINICANA SAS and/or Inter IKEA Systems B.V. as well as any other protection mechanisms.
  • The User is not authorised to dismantle, decompile or invert the databases in which the information of the Web Page is stored.

All the information on the Web Page is protected under copyright. The unauthorised use of the information contained in this Web Page, its resale, as well as the injury of the rights of Industrial and Intellectual property of SARTON PUERTO RICO LLC. or, as the case may be, Inter IKEA Systems B.V., will lead to the liabilities established by the law

The trademarks (labels, distinctive signs and logos) that appear on the Web Page are used by SARTON DOMINICANA SAS under the authorization of their sole owner Inter IKEA Systems B.V. and are duly registered or in the process of being registered. The denominations of other products, services and companies that appear in this document or on the Web Page can be trademarks or other distinctive signs registered by their respective and legitimate owners.

Links Policy

Is expressly forbidden introduction of hyperlinks on Websites for commercial purposes unrelated to IKEA, which allow access to this domain, without the prior written consent of IKEA. In any case, the existence of such hyperlinks do not imply in any case the existence of trade or business relations with the owner of the Website where the hyperlink is established, nor the acceptance by IKEA of its content or services.

On the other hand, IKEA does not guarantee or assume any type of responsibility for damages for access to third party contents through the possible connections or links of the sites linked from The function that, as the case may be, those links could have is exclusively of informing the users about the existence of other sources of information or other contents and Internet services. IKEA will under no circumstance be responsible for the results obtained through said links or for any consequences derived from the users accessing them. These contents are provided by these third-parties, consequently IKEA cannot control the legality of those contents or the quality of the services offered by them.


The User assumes full responsibility derived from the use of the Web Page, being the sole responsible for any direct or indirect effect derived from the use of such Web Page, including, in a declaratory and non-limited way, any adverse economic, technical and/or legal repercussions, as well as the non-fulfilment of the expectations generated by the present Web Page, compelling the User to keep IKEA harmless from any claims derived, directly or indirectly, from such events.

IKEA is not responsible for any damages that could derive from interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer virus, breakdowns and/or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system or in the devices and computer equipment of the users, motivated by causes external to IKEA, that prevent or delay the service provision or the browsing through the Web Page, nor the delays or blockage in the usage caused by deficiencies or overload in the Internet or in other computer systems, nor the impossibility of providing service or allowing access due to reasons not attributed to IKEA, due to the User, third parties, or cases of force majeure.

Nevertheless, IKEA declares that it has adopted and will adopt, when applicable, all the necessary measures within its possibilities and available in technology, to guarantee the correct functioning of the present Web Page and prevent the existence and transmission of viruses and other damaging components to users.

IKEA reserves the right to interrupt access to the Web Page, as well as the provision of the services through it at any time and without previous notice, either for technical, security, control, maintenance, failings in the electric supply or by any other cause.

IKEA does not control, generally speaking, the use made by the users of the Web Page. In particular, IKEA does not guarantee under no circumstance that users use the Web Page in accordance with the law, the present Conditions, the generally accepted morals and good practices and the public order. Consequently, IKEA is not not responsible for the use that the User makes of the content of the Web Page that may imply a violation of any type of norm, national or international, of industrial and intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties.

Users liabilities

In a general nature the User is required to comply with the present Conditions, as well as to comply the special precautions or use instructions contained in this and always wok according to the law, good customs and the requirements of good faith, using due diligence and refraining from using the present Web page in any way that may prevent, damage or deteriorate its normal functioning, the assets or rights of IKEA, its suppliers, the rest of users or any third party in general. Specifically, and without this involving any kind of restriction on the previous section during the use of the Web Page the User undertakes to:

  • Provide truthful information about the data requested in any of the forms included in the web page and keep them updated. IKEA reserves the right, without prejudice of other legal measures available, to withdraw, deny or suspend the access to the web page in the event that the data provided are or may be false, inaccurate or misleading.
  • Not to introduce, store or distribute on or from the Web Page, any piece of information or material considered defamatory, slanderous, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, that provokes violence or racial, sexual, ideological, religious discrimination or anything against morality, public order, fundamental rights, civil liberties, honour, personal privacy or the image of third-parties and the current regulation in general.
  • Not to introduce, store or spread, by means of the present Web Page, any programme, data, virus, code, or any other electronic or physical device that can cause damage to it, in any of the services, or in any of the teams, systems or networks of IKEA, of any other User, of the IKEA suppliers or of any third-parties in general.
  • Not making advertising or commercial operation through the Website, and not use the content and information to send advertising thereof, or send messages with any other marketing purpose, or to collect or store personal data of third parties.
  • Not to use false identities, or supplant the identity of others for the use of the Web Page or the use of any of the services linked to the same, including the use, as the case may be, of passwords or access keys of third-parties or in any other way.
  • Not destroying, altering, using for purposes, rendering useless or damaging the data, information, software or electronic documents owned by IKEA  or third parties.
  • Not to post, store or transmit through the Website any content that could infringe intellectual or industrial property rights or commercial secrets of third parties, or any content of which he does not have the right, according to law, to transmit to third parties. .

    IKEA reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to the Service at any moment to those Users who in accordance to IKEA criterion do not abide by these General Conditions or where such access is used for illegitimate purposes, including for such those listed in these Terms, fraudulent or contrary to good faith.


The applicable laws require that part of the of the information and/or communications sent to the users be in writing. By using this Web Page, the User accepts that most of the IKEA communications will be electronic. IKEA will contact with the User by email or will provide information posting notices on the present Web Page. The User consents to the use of this electronic means of communication and acknowledges that any contract, notification, information and other communications that are sent by IKEA in an electronic form comply with the legal requirement of being in writing.

The User should send any communications and/or notifications to IKEA preferably by email through the contact form included in this Web Page. In accordance with the previous section, and unless it is stipulated otherwise, IKEA could send the communications to the email address provided by the User for such effects.


In the case that IKEA no longer insists on the strict compliance by the User of some of our obligations undertaken in accordance to the present Conditions, or if it stopped exercising any of the rights or resources that IKEA was entitled to exercise or lodge under these Conditions, this does not constitute a resignation to those rights or resources and would not exonerate the User to comply to such obligations.

Disclaimers at enforcing compliance that IKEA would make will not constitute a waiver of later required compliance.

No disclaimer by IKEA of these Terms shall be effective, unless expressly stipulated to be a waiver and is communicated to the User in writing in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph


Any clause or provision of these Terms to be invalid, void or illegal will not affect, impair or invalidate, provided it was not essential to fulfilling the object thereof, any other terms or provisions contained herein, which shall remain in full force and effect.

Privacy Policy

In the IKEA Group we keep in mind the confidentiality of the personal information that you provide us with voluntarily. We also believe that it is important to inform you about how we use your data. Thus, we request you to carefully read this privacy notice, as the agreement with its terms means that you voluntarily authorise the compilation, use and disclose of this personal information exclusively and strictly for purposes related to the services, as set out further, all of this in compliance with the present legislation.

With the intent to protect your personal data, we inform you that the personal information that you provide us with will be object of processing in a responsibility file of SARTON DOMINICANA S.A.S., which aims are:

  • The development, implementation and execution of the contract of sale of the products you have purchased or any other service contract between them.
  • Answer the requests you ask us.
  • Provide you with periodic commercial information about marketing or any type of publicity, (mailing, e-mailing, magazine, catalogues, SMS, extracts, raffles, etc.) at IKEA and related companies, with the interest of communicating an offer, novelty for exclusively marketing purposes, formally authorising SARTON DOMINICANA, SAS, whose activities are related to the sectors of furniture and decoration, financing products, insurances, telecommunications, delivery and assembling, and any other offer that could be of interest, including, in relation to those products, as well as through telephone calls. By registering and giving us your details you specifically authorise us to send you such communications.
  • The IKEA Group guarantees that your data will be always processed with absolute confidentiality and professional secrecy. These only be used by the IKEA Group and will not be disclosed or sold to third parties, except to suppliers that provide their services to the system and are required to have access to the data inside the system in order to provide their services. The IKEA Group requires this companies to protect your personal data and not to use them for any purpose without authorisation.
  • It is our responsibility to protect the information you provide to us. The IKEA Group uses a variety of security techniques to protect your information, including secure servers, protective barriers and coding of applied data.
  • The customer or user could exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation or objection to the processing of the data by means of the sending of a request to that effect, by written communication addressed to the following address: Av. John F. Kennedy esq. Calle Bienvenido García Gautier, El Pino. Santo Domingo, D.N.; or to the email address: this communication should include name and surnames, date, signature and photocopy of your ID or another valid identifying document.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The validity, implementation and interpretation of the present Conditions, content of the portal (hereafter, the “Portal”) and the services offered through it are governed by the applicable laws of the Dominican Republic, specially the Law of Personal Data Protection No. 172-13 and as such they will be regulated in all aspects by its current legislation. SARTON DOMINICANA SAS and the User are committed to amicably sort out any disagreement that may arise in the development of the contractual relationship, before resorting to the competent jurisdiction.

In the event of any conflict, dispute, discrepancy, question or a claim arising from the performance, interpretation and/or application of the present Conditions and/or the use of the Web Page, will be resolved indefinitely in the Dominican Republic Courts, unless that by a mandatory rule a different jurisdiction is established.

These Use Conditions, the contents of the Portal and the services offered through this are regulated by the applicable laws of the Dominican Republic. You compromise on using this Portal, and the services provided through it, in accordance with the Dominican Republic Constitution, the applicable laws, rules and regulations, these rules, the particular conditions applicable to certain services and other notices, as well as in accordance with the moral standards and the public order.

The present Conditions and privacy policy were last updated on June 2018.