Apply in 4 steps:

  1. Walk through the IKEA store, write on your shopping list the items you want to get and give it to one of our IKEA co-workers located on IKEA Information stands; he will carry out and print your shopping list with the total amount.
  2. Take your shopping list and ID to IKEA family stand and give it to the bank you choose.
  3. The selected bank will evaluate your application and notify you the result.
  4. Once financing is approved, the bank will give you an approval letter and your shopping list. Go through checkout with the items and the approval letter.

Find out more at the IKEA Family booth located next to the IKEA Restaurant or calling Customer Service at 809 567 4532.
Write to us at:

* Purchases from RD$10,000 to RD$30,000 can be financed interests-free at 6 months. Purchases above RD$30,000 can be financed interests-free at 12 months. All financing are subject to bank´s approval.

* The interest free offer is not compatible with the benefits of IKEA FAMILY.