Design, decorate, and make your dream house come true with our 2D and 3D planning programs. Easy to use applications with which you'll be able to choose the perfect furniture for your kitchen, your dining room or your living room, furniture that fits your space and combines with your decoration. Drag them from one place to another with a simple click and, when you're satisfied with what you see, print the result with measurements included, and start buying!

Plan your kitchen

Feel like an interior designer and plan your new 2D and 3D kitchen. Choose the way that better suits to your space, choose the color, the cabinets, the lighting and, why not, place an island in the middle.

Kitchen planner

Combine modular cabinets with open shelves, choose the perfect countertop and design the kitchen of your dreams with our kitchen planner.

Plan your storage

Create your own storage solution. Design the ideal wardrobe or combine shelves to fit perfectly into your space.


Personalize your storage and design your own TV cabinet with our BESTÅ planner.


Design your own wardrobe by combining cabinets, choosing the size, the color or the doors to make the most of your space.


With our KALLAX planner you can create your own storage furniture combination, adding open or closed shelves, with doors or drawers.


Wardrobes, desks, benches, shelves and chests of drawers that you can combine with different fronts, handles and hooks. Personalized storage for the little ones.


Plan as many storage solutions as you need with BOAXEL shelves, rails and accessories, both flexible and resistant.


Imagine, plan and design storage areas in small spaces thanks to JONAXEL modular solutions.


Combine open and closed storage in one modular solution with adjustable shelves that will adapt to your space and your needs.


Combine ELVARLI modules to create a versatile and functional open wardrobe that adapts to what you need.


Combine BROR metal shelving units, with adjustable shelves, to create an extremely resistant storage space.


Plan and design your own storage solution. EKET cabinets can be stacked, hung and combined with no limits.

Plan your sofa

If you are looking for a personalized solution to relax, sleep or store your belongings, why not to create your own sofa?


Comfortable and deep modules, chaise longues and footrests to create a sofa that fits your needs by matching different SÖDERHAMN sections.


Plan and design a rest area tailored to your needs with VALLENTUNA modules. Combine them, rotate them, move them or turn them into a bed.


Now you can make the most of your space and design an even more comfortable and personal sofa thanks to the modules of the FINNALA series.


HÄRLANDA is a modular sofa, this means that you can combine the seats as you like, adapting them to your space and needs, to plan your comfort as you wish.

Plan your bedroom

We are going to design a customized bedroom, where each thing is in place and you sleep like a baby every night.

Bed configurator

The height, the size, the headboard, the storage and a lot of small great details that will help you rest better every day.

Comfort configurator

With the right mattress, pillow and duvet each night you will have the comfort, firmness and rest you need to wake up with a smile.

Plan your bathroom

Get inspired by our bathroom solutions or design a custom-made space from scratch, as beautiful as it is functional.

Bathroom Planner​

We are going to design a nice and orderly space that helps you relax. A bathroom with all the storage you need, lots of light and, why not, maybe even a bathtub.

Plan your window solutions

Create your own customizable curtain system with flexible and easy-fitting VIDGA curtain railings.


The VIDGA system offers you endless possibilities to hang your curtains and blinds.  Simple solutions to place one, two or even three layers.

Plan your workspace

At IKEA we help you decorate your new business, renew the one you already have or create a comfortable and functional workspace at home. Start planning now.

Office Planner

Desks, tables, stools, chairs, armchairs, lighting and smart storage solutions that will help you make the job easier.

Plan your smart home

Imagine a home where with a remote control you can choose the color of the light, the volume of the music and the amount of sun that enters through the window. Start planning your smart home.

Home Smart

Dimmable LED light bulbs, smart blinds, wireless chargers or wifi speakers. Let’s make your home an even cozier place.