Design, decorate, and make your dream house come true with our 2D and 3D planning programs. Easy to use applications with which you'll be able to choose the perfect furniture for your kitchen, your dining room or your living room, furniture that fits your space and combines with your decoration. Drag them from one place to another with a simple click and, when you're satisfied with what you see, print the result with measurements included, and start buying!

Plan your kitchen

Feel like an interior designer and plan your new 2D and 3D kitchen. Choose the way that better suits to your space, choose the color, the cabinets, the lighting and, why not, place an island in the middle.

Plan your storage

Find the perfect storage solutions for your home. PAX…open or closed wardrobes, shelves, vertical and horizontal combinations that suit your space, your style and your needs. A tool that will put your life in order.


The dining room of your dreams

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Your kitchen, the flavour factory

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We're kitchen experts

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