IKEA Supplier Code of Conduct

IWAY is IKEA's way of sourcing products, services, materials and components responsibly. It establishes clear expectations and ways of working for environmental, social and working conditions, as well as animal welfare, and is mandatory for all suppliers and service providers who work with IKEA.

Our suppliers are responsible for communicating the IWAY standard to their sub-suppliers, and we help them do so.

Through IWAY we strive to create impact in 4 main areas:

  •  Improve environmental impacts.
  •  Guarantee decent and meaningful work.
  •  Respect the rights of children.
  •  Improve the welfare of animals that are present in the IKEA value chain.

Do you want to be one of our suppliers? Great!

We are excited to hear about the work or services you can offer us. So download IWAY, read it in detail and leave us your details in the form below.

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