IKEA is recalling the HEROISK and TALRIKA series due to risk of breakage and/or burning.

IKEA urges all customers who have bought items of the HEROISK or TALRIKA series, to immediately stop using them and to get in contact with IKEA for a full refund.

Safety is always our priority, this is why we are taking precautionary measures and recalling all dishes, bowls and mugs of the HEROISK and TALRIKA series, as they can break and/or provoke burning caused by the hot content inside.

All our products are tested to comply with the applicable laws and legislation, but despite this, we have received some reports that the products have injured our customers.

HEROISK and TALRIKA can be returned to any IKEA Store or Point for a full refund of these items, without any proof of purchase.

IKEA apologizes for any inconvenience and injury this may have caused.

For more information, please call IKEA on 809 567 IKEA (4532).

Security Notice - HEMNES Bookcases and Glass-door cabinets

IKEA is announcing a safety warning for HEMNES bookcases and display cabinets. Affected HEMNES bookcases and display cabinets have been sold in stores in the Dominican Republic from April 2010 to April 2017.

Please click here... to see a complete list of the affected items.

IKEA of Sweden has received 29 global reports of injuries caused by the drop of shelves in HEMNES cabinets due to the shrinkage of wood. Seventeen of these reported incidents occurred in the United States, resulting in small cuts and bruises, no incident reported in the Dominican Republic.

We ask customers who need a longer shelf support for HEMNES cabinets purchased from April 2010 to April 2017 to contact IKEA to receive new free hardware. Proof of purchase (a receipt) is not required to obtain replacement hardware.

For more information, please call IKEA at 809 567 IKEA (4532). We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your cooperation. Assembly instructions are available here .

IKEA recalls the GLIVARP dining room tables due to risk of the extendable piece falling.

IKEA asks customers who purchased the GLIVARP dining room extendable table to stop using it and contact IKEA for their return.

End date: March 2019
All IKEA products are tested and comply with the legislation and standards in force. Despite this, they have received reports that the extendable piece of the GLIVARP table pulls out of the rails and falls.

IKEA has been notified by customers about this risk and is taking precautionary measures with this notice, to protect customers and prevent other incidents, as safety of its products is of high priority and it a topic they take very seriously.

The item will be changed for a similar table or for a full refund, without the requirement of the payment receipt.

For more information contact IKEA at 809 567 IKEA (4532).


IKEA calls for the return of the CALYPSO ceiling lamp manufactured between 1625 - 1744 due to risk of the shade falling down

IKEA urges customers who purchased the CALYPSO ceiling lamp after the 1st of August 2016, to check the date of the product and call for those who have the lamp between the manufacture dates (yyww) 1625 to 1744.

End date: January 2019
IKEA has received customer notification that the shade of the lamp falls and in order to avoid risk of this happening to other customers, IKEA calls for the customers who have this CALYPSO ceiling lamp manufactured between (yyww) 1625 and 1744.

IKEA calls for all the customers who have the CALYPSO ceiling lamp manufactured in the indicated dates to return the product for its exchange of full refund. IKEA does not require any payment receipt.

IKEA takes product safety very seriously. All our products are tested and comply with applicable legislation and standards. In spite of this, we have received reports that the glass shade of the CALYPSO lamp falls. In order to protect our customers and avoid other incidents, we call for their full refund or exchange for another product.

The date stamp that IKEA urges customers to look for is the following:
The exact date stamps have the following format: 1625 to 1744

Dismantle safely, as indicated:

  1. Remove the mobile tab carefully
  2. Remove the shed of the lamp while you continue holding the mobile tab.

For more information, please get in contact with 809-567-4532

IKEA calls on the SLADDA bicycle for possible breakage risk of the belt

IKEA has been informed by a recognised bicycle supplier that the transmission belt can malfunction and break suddenly which may result in falling. For this reason IKEA calls on customers who have SLADDA so that they stop using this bicycle. IKEA has received eleven reports with incidents, with two minor injuries.

The SLADDA bicycle has been awarded with the design award “Red dot award” and has been sold in 26 markets since the sales where initiated on August 2016. We are very proud of the beauty of SLADDA designed with the aim of creating a sustainable transport solution. We know that there are many IKEA customers who are satisfied with the SLADDA bicycle but to IKEA, safety comes first.

We request those customers who have a SLADDA bicycle to stop using it and to return it to any IKEA store to obtain a full refund. The accessories specifically designed to be adapted to SLADDA will also be refunded. The purchase receipt is not required.

IKEA apologises for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks all customers for their understanding.

For more information, please get in contact with 809-567-4532