Welcome to Småland
A magic place filled with games and fun

We are pleased to introduce you to Småland, a game area thought specially for the youngest, so they can have fun while the grown-ups are shopping. A space, at the store entrance, designed so your children between 3 and 10 years old can play safe, accompanied by instructors specialized in games and education. But Småland is much more, want to discover it?

Småland hours
Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 8pm. Sundays from 10am to 7pm.

* Småland can change its hours during school holidays:

Little IKEA
The funniest magazine!

Ready to play?

Discover magic worlds, new shapes, brighter colors and have fun coloring wherever your creativity takes you. Download our coloring book and you will have a really good time!

Some ways to make safer having fun


It is essential that your father, mother or tutor presents a physical identification document with your photo at the entrance and exit (it must go the same person).


For hygienic reasons, you must wear socks to access the game room.


To enjoy the game room, you must be autonomous when going to the bathroom.

Relevant information

If there is information your instructor must know, your father/mother or tutor must communicate it at the entrance.

Waiting list

If the room’s capacity is full, you can join the waiting list and we will send a SMS to your father, mother or tutor when we have availability.

Maximum time

You father, mother or tutor will have a maximum of 45 minutes to calmly do their shopping, and they must always remain at the premises. Members of the IKEA Family VISA Club will have an additional 30 minutes. 

Photo/video free area

Your privacy is important, you deserve the protection of your personal data, since there are risks, consequences, guarantees and rights to the treatment of your personal data.

Meeting point

If an unexpected emergency occurs where an evacuation is needed, you will be guided to the Meeting point, that is placed at the inside parking.

Games room capacity

We want to offer you an optimal assistance, that is why the room will have a maximum of 10 children per instructor.

IKEA and children
To the most important people of the world, welcome

They have all their lives ahead of them, and at IKEA we want to help them grow up and discover the world enjoying every step. That is why we have a lot of items designed to make easier their way in life, and more beautiful. From cribs for the youngest, to desks that grow up with them, passing through all the soft toys they can hug. Welcome to the best playground for everyone, your home.