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People working together

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Working at IKEA means being part of a creative, fun and dynamic environment. We're the largest company of home decoration of the world; we have 172,000 associates and we operate in 48 countries, but we like to work unbureaucratically. At IKEA we respect each other, we accept our differences and we receive excited any contribution. Here you can be yourself. In fact, we demand that it be so!

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A positive team spirit


We're a diverse group of honest and realistic people who love home decoration products. We come from different parts of the world, but we share the same goal: “To create a better everyday life for most people”. Our vision is based on the human values we share. These values are the basis of our work and our inclusive, empathetic, open and honest culture.


Working with us is like working with friends. Our culture is based on team spirit, enthusiasm and fun. And we're constantly looking for people who share our values and positive attitude.


IKEA professional careers are very diverse


IKEA offers many possibilities for learning and professional development. We encourage our co-workers to occupy different positions; many of them change their functions, and even country, several times during their careers at IKEA. Everyone can choose their professional careers according to their development plans and goals for the future.


We trust in the development capacity of each of our co-workers. If you grow, IKEA does too. To begin to grow with IKEA, check out the different functions or look for open positions.


Working with us has many advantages


Our company is interested in the lives of its co-workers. For us it's important that you feel respected, accepted and valued. No matter what position you occupy in IKEA, we're all fundamental to the continued growth of the company. It doesn't matter in what country of the world you work, you count with a variety of benefits.


Here we discuss some.

Learn and grow at work

We invest in the development of our co-workers by offering a great variety of internal training programs for those wanting to learn new things and keep growing up.

Development opportunities

All IKEA co-workers have the opportunity to create a development plan. Along with your boss, you'll set goals for next year and beyond.

Even lower prices

As you might know, at IKEA prices are fantastic. And for its co-workers are even better. If you work with us you get a discount when buying at any IKEA store in the world.

Fika [fee:ka]

It's a Swedish tradition that IKEA implements worldwide. More than a coffee break, “fika” it is a time to share, socialise and relax with colleagues. At that moment some of the best ideas are born and big decisions are made.

IKEA Values

We believe that everyone has something valuable to offer and strive to reflect these values in our way of working.


Leading by example

Our bosses act accordingly to the values of IKEA, creating an atmosphere of well-being, and expect the same from the co-workers.


Constant desire for renewal

We know that adapting to customer demands with innovative solutions helps to improve the day to day in homes.


Different with a meaning.

We like to think differently, experiment and dare to try new things in order to keep innovating in the work area and for our customers.


Taking care of people and the planet.

We want to positively impact people and the planet, as well as the work environment, from our philosophy to our articles.



Together we have the power to find creative solutions for everyday situations. We always do.

Comradeship and enthusiasm

Together we have the power to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. We always do.


Cost awareness.

Low prices are only possible when the costs are low; we get good results with few resources.


Striving to adapt to reality.

We bet on practical solutions to develop, improve and make decisions based on reality.


Humility and willingness.

We respect each other, and show the same respect for our customers and suppliers. Thanks to our will we achieve our goals.


Renew and improve.

We review the daily work and ask ourselves how to improve it the next day, trying to find new ideas

Dare to be different

We reconsider the old solutions and, when we have a better idea, we dare to change them.


Accept and delegate responsibilities

We ascend potential co-workers and encourage them to exceed their expectations.



We prefer to be practical, be as close to reality as possible and create a common sense of unity to make it easier for everyone to follow.


To be constantly in motion

We review the daily work and ask ourselves how to improve it the next day, trying to find new ideas.


Give and take responsibility.

Trust between us is important and we recognise the potential of our employees, that is why we encourage them to exceed their expectations.