5 easy tips to save water in the bathroom

Saving water in the bathroom is an easy and practical way to be more efficient with the use of our resources at home. The point is saving energy: the planet will notice, and your pocket will too.


Each shower makes the difference

You will see big results just by substituting the head of the shower for one that saves water, and since there is not noticeable difference on the pression, the comfort is the same! And regarding the water that is not profited while you wait for it to get heated, why don’t to you save it for your plants?


Enhance the efficiency of your faucet

Another way of saving water and energy is by using a mixing faucet, and if you add the spray nozzle ÅBÄCKEN… it will help you save even more! Easy to use and install, you just need to twist it to change it to “spray mode” or “dew mode”.


Each drop counts

There are a lot of options with integrated technology to save water at home, that will help you economize your daily use: from mixing faucets with spray nozzles, to fixed shower sets with hand showers.

Did you know...?
The SALJEN faucet won the 2022 Red Dot Award in the Product Design category. The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world's largest design competitions and an internationally recognized seal of excellence in design.


Music challenge under the shower

Listening to you favorite song through your bluetooth speaker while you shodwerand trying to finish before it ends, it’s a funny way to save water. The trick is in selecting a song that lasts long enough to get well cleaned, but that it’s not too long so you can save water ;)


Win at the towels game… Which is which?

The rails with hooks and hangers will help you organize the towels you use everyday (so they don’t go to the laundry basket ahead of time), because maybe you don’t know how many times you have use them o who used them. Besides, less clothes means less water.