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An independent and versatile kitchen

SUNNERSTA is so convenient and affordable that you will be able to install it easy and start cooking right away. It's perfect for small spaces or small budgets. Also, if you need more storage you can add hooks, shelves or trolleys.

Adjustable rack with hooks
Rail with 4 hooks and 2 containers

Easy to assemble. Easy to disassemble

SUNNERSTA is a compact and flexible kitchen. So, it can be the perfect choice if you live in a rented apartment. Fix it to the wall with a couple of screws, add a fridge, an induction cooktop and some storage solutions and now you have a modern and functional kitchen for far less than you imagined.

Little space, big imagination

When you live in a limited space, order is even more important. The SUNNERSTA kitchen has many convenient ideas to help you make the most of the space. Its rails, hooks and containers are perfect for storing dishes, spices or hanging tea towels. And a portable induction cooktop, allows you to cook and store it in a drawer after.

Your kitchen at IKEA is another story

25-year warranty

Because the proof is in the pudding, our kitchens have a 25-year warranty.

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