Arrange your kitchen pantry with six storage tips so you can spend less,
waste less, stress less... And have more time around the table.

See organization in the kitchen


1. Store on the door

Put snacks and sauce packets front and centre with hooks and clips so they don't get lost. Hang your grocery list on the door to stick to your weekly meal plan. You can even write names (and reminders) on the hook plaques so everyone has their own snack space.

2. See-through storage

Clear containers show exactly how much you have so you can plan your grocery runs better, avoid overspending, and waste less food. Try labelling each container and taping on the expiration dates so you'll know when it's time to restock.

3. Group and go

Use baskets to keep tall bottles like oils and sauces together - and to protect the pantry from spills. Organise baskets by mealtime so you don't have to hunt for ingredients, or gather "friendly foods" together for anyone with allergies.

4. Grab and go

Make it easy to take dry goods out and put them back into your pantry with a smart steel mesh basket. It's also suitable for the fruits and vegetables that like it better outside of the fridge.

5. Pull and pick

See all your cans, spreads, and spices at a glance by intalling a pantry drawer. You'll be able to reach the very back with ease - and avoid silly stacking games. Use drawer inserts or dividers to keeps the cans in place.

6. Create extra storage

Use shelf inserts to create extra levels for jars and other items with vaying heights. A clip-on basket also maximises pantry space, and you can place flatter foods like tortillas and noodle packs underneath it.

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