Your kitchen at IKEA
a different story

A kitchen designed to fit you, with everything you need to make cooking easier, more fun and stimulating. Have all your ingredients and cooking utensils always at hand and ready to let creativity flow.

Much more than a kitchen faucet

A spray kitchen faucet will make cleaning and rising your dishes faster and easier than ever before. A revolutionary washing system that will make you feel like a true professional.

Storage at your service

The wall storage solutions you will find at IKEA are designed to keep all your ingredients and kitchen utensils close at hand. Combine rails, shelves and hooks to create a system that suits your needs.

More space, more ease

When there is less space, the last thing you want is stuff in the way. A trolley on wheels allows you to store almost any kitchen utensils, dishes, boxes or even pots and pans, clearing the way for you. Plus, a pedal bin is so practical that you will never want to change it.

A place for each thing

Big drawers are perfect to help you with kitchen storage, but they can get a bit messy sometimes. Drawer organizers are the perfect solution to keep each thing in its place. You can also adjust them to the size you want to fit your dinnerware. Add some integrated lighting and you will find everything on the first try.

Your kitchen at IKEA is another story

25-year warranty

Because the proof is in the pudding, our kitchens have a 25-year warranty.

All the inspiration you need!

Did you know that it is possible to enjoy cooking if you do it in your ideal kitchen?

Kitchen services

Did you know that with our services you can have the kitchen of your dreams? See what we can do for you.