We created this vibrant, modern kitchen for the medium sized home. Well organised and minimalistic, it delivers functional simplicity with elegance. Clean, modern lines with deep black and muted tones give a sense of warmth and harmony, with lots of communication between cooking and dining areas. A true statement of social independence.

This is one kitchen sink sotry that is far from dull

Get a little closer, and we see the beauty and utility of this complete kitchen solution. Wall shelves that hold everything from chopping boards to decorative greenery. The water saving faucet and sink in black, together with beautiful anthracite kitchen front for an integrated and sophisticated look.

Cooktop, cooking and eating with a taste for the good life

This is a kitchen with the perfect balance of feel and function for living. The rich anthracite tone of the kitchen fronts contrasts with lighter worktops. Preparing food, then enjoying it. Dark and light, cooking and eating, you and your guests, it's all about getting the complete experience in one place.


Speaker lamps bring light and sound to every corner of your kitchen

This is a kitchen where technology knows its place. And loves it! Program this speaker lamp with your favorite sounds via your mobile phone, and enhance the ambience for everything from elegant dinners, chill out parties or simply a little you time. Your kitchen, your music choice.

Table, chairs and trolley for the complete kitchen experience

Enjoying life is so eadsy in this open and integrated kitchen, with communication between cooking and dinng areas: Everything with the same coordinated look and feel. Preparing food, serving and eating and socializing come together here. All your experience mixing into one, this is a kitchen for living.


Your kitchen at IKEA is another story

25-year warranty

Because the proof is in the pudding, our kitchens have a 25-year warranty.

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