Your kitchen at IKEA
is a different story

we created this spacious modern kitchen for the medium sized home. A biophilic feel that mixes inside and out in the same space. Lots of green, lots of openness. It's all about contrasts, the inside with the out, the black of the kitchen with the white of the walls for a minimalism that createst a kitechen where difference matters.


Kitchen appliances and accesories that say minimalist sophistication


It´s all about the collaboration of nature and design, wooden stools and green plants in plant pots and glass vases highlight the balance of this kitchen. We want to show the sleek minimalism of the home´s architecture, echoed in the kitchen solution. Once again, in this kitchen difference matters.


Modern kitchen, inside and out


The connection between inside and out is more than just words. This kitchen almost wants you to go to the window with your cup of morning coffee, open the glass doors and step outside. Wake up to the morning in this kitchen that is a middle-zone between home and garden.


Dining tables, chairs and glass cabinets combine for elegance


This kitchen lets you enjoy breakfast with the family in chic minimalism. The colours and textures of the walls and floor, the table, chairs and hanging lampshades all say calm elegance. As does the beatiful design of glass doors of the storage. Even the mural reenforces the feeling nature.

Storage and drawer inserts for working from home and more


The kitchen is a place of many activities here as anywhere. Drawer inserts to organize your pens, papers or whatever. A cup of coffee on the sleek surface, and the eating area of five minutos ago turns into a worspace.


RED DOT design award winning appliances


Appliances colour coordinate seamlessly with this kitchen. Winners of the RED DOT award for design, they bring elegant sophistication, the perfect example of looks united with state-of-the-art-functionality. The air purifier fits into this kitchen almost as unpretentiously as the air it purifies.


Your kitchen at IKEA is another story

25-year warranty

Because the proof is in the pudding, our kitchens have a 25-year warranty.

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