Your kitchen at IKEA
a another story

Functionality with style at your fingertips. Cool and compact kitchen storage items, mobile solutions, utensils that will make your life easier and new glassware all fit together like a real family. Made from sustainable and partially recycled materials. These affordable solutions find their place in any kitchen.

Drawers that cook with you

It's easy to make your kitchen space work better with the right accessories. These UPPDATERA drawer organizers will help make losing small utensils a thing of the past. The sleek anthracite color gives them that minimalist touch, because style is important too.


Storage solutions for a stylish kitchen

This trolley and basket are designed to be practical and keep your kitchen tidy and clutter free. They also happen to look great and can really add a magical touch to your décor.


New bottle shaped jar with lid

This afforable jar with it's own lid is ideal for preserving pickels and jams, serving beverages or keeping your cookies crunchy. The airtight seal locks in all the goodness.


Colourful new kitchen utensils brighten your worktop or table

Juicing and grating have never been so colourful. These affordable kitchen accesories make preparing food quick, easy and fun. Utility combined with colour, it feels like explosion of convenient and virtually unbreakable dishwasher safe kitchen utensils.


New drinking glasses with that timeless look

These affordable glasses are as much at home for parties as they are for everyday use. You can even use them for hot drinks. And obviously, they're made of glass, an elegant, honest and renewable material. Glasses like they used to be.


Your kitchen at IKEA is another story

25-year warranty

Because the proof is in the pudding, our kitchens have a 25-year warranty.

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