Handling your clothes storage and getting dressed all on your own is a big part of growing up. From finding what to wear and caring for your clothes, to getting dirty clothes to the laundry and folding clean clothes again, here are some helpful tips.

Putting in clean clothes


Learning to fold and put clean clothes away lets children feel involved and gives them a sense of accomplishment. Lightweight storage boxes inside drawers and wardrobes that are easy to take out for refills make everything more manageable.


Hanging out what to wear


Hooks on the outside of the wardrobe make preparing for the next day easy. It’s a good routine to learn early on, so that the coming morning always flows smoothly. Of course, a mirror for getting dressed is convenient to have close by.


Organisation that’s clear to see


See-through boxes help your children pick what to wear without making a mess. It’s a good idea to put the clothes they use most often at the most convenient height. Or with two siblings sharing, let the small one have the bottom part.


Making things accessible


Easily reaching both hanging and folded clothes goes without saying preferably without a step stool. Like with this wardrobe with a pull out unit that makes viewing, choosing and loading clothes easy even for small children.


Off to the laundry


Getting dirty clothes to the laundry is easier with a laundry basket of their own. It’s smart to choose a small one like this toy storage so the batches don’t grow too big. The compartments can even get them started on sorting their laundry.


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Hook and clip
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RD$100 / 2 pack
Bench with toy storage
white/white, 90x52x48 cm | 35 3/8x20 1/2x18 7/8 "


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Mesh storage box
gray-blue, 42x30x23 cm | 16 1/2x11 3/4x9 "


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Mesh storage box
light green-gray, 42x30x10 cm | 16 1/2x11 3/4x3 7/8 "


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Cushion cover
octopus pattern/pink, 50x50 cm | 20x20 "
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Children's coat-hanger
mixed colors

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Toy vehicle
mixed colors

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Bed frame with slatted bed base
70x160 cm, beech


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gray, 100x160 cm | 39 3/8x63 "
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harlequin pattern/multicolor, 130x160 cm |