Getting better sleep is one of the best things you can do for your health. A dark, cool and quiet bedroom is a good start, but updating your sleep comfort, choosing the right materials and adding some nifty gadgets can really help improve your nighly rest, too.


Double-function ergonimic pillow

A new pillow is an easy to boost your sleep comfort. This memory-foam pillow cradle your head in an ergonomically correct position and has a temperature layer that helps wick away moisture, keeping the surface cool.


The mattress makes the bed

Sleeping well starts with a matters that provides the right support and comfort for you. Regardless of if you prefer a spring, memory-foam or latex matterss there are lots of options to suit your specific needs perfectly.


A shared bed with room for individuality

Two in one bed doesn't mean that everything has to be the same for both of you. Of course, individual mattresses for perfect support are ideal. But different duvets to get the right temperature, and pillows with different firmmess, are also good ways to secure the best sleep comfort.

Bed linen with a touch of goodness

Besides getting the richness, softness and crispness exactly to your liking, perhaps knowing that your bed linen is made from 100% cotton from more susteinable sources will give you even more restful nights.


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120x160 cm | 47x63 ", light gray-green


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Slippers L/XL
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Pillow protector
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Ergonomic pillow, multi position


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