Hello! I'm your chair and I was born to offer your seat and make you comfortable. But, since I live in your bedroom, this is chaos! Jackets and shirts on my back, trousers and towels on my seat, even socks! I can be more useful in your bedroom if you use me for reading, working, even applying makeup... also, sleep in a tidier room that makes it easy to rest, for you and me.

Storage bag

Storage with 6 compartments

Clothes rack

Clothes rack

Say goodbye to your storage chair

It may seem complicated to clear your bedroom from those clean clothes that need to be folded still, or used clothes that don't need washing yet... but the solution is simple! At IKEA you'll find all those storage items that you need to keep your bedroom tidy: hooks, racks, boxes, baskets and clothes of different sizes... even boxes to store your shoes.


Visit your IKEA store and discover everything! Say a final "Goodbye, untidy chair!" and welcome a new everyday, in which everything is in its place.

And say hello to muuuch more space...

Since there is no chair to accumulate clothes, there're some strange things going on in your bedroom: suddenly everything is at hand and you use a box to store socks that you couldn't find before! Now you now that it's possible to decorate while everything is stored and organized!


Box, set of 6

Storage bag

Foot mirror

Chest of drawers

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