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Make the most of your summer

Make the most of your summer by preparing for days of family visits, picnics, the beach and mosquitoes. What if it rains? Well, that's why we also sell umbrellas.

Sunny weddings to win

Let's toast to love! Set up a celebratory table and toast to this special moment with KALLSINNIG glasses under the open sky.

Instant shine for any occasion

Enjoying summer comes down to the little things: ice cream for lunch or a spontaneous picnic. Meet our new sunny BRÖGGAN collection, designed for effortless entertaining indoors, outdoors, at home or on the go.
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Take the good times with you

Why not escape the heat with a spontaneous getaway? Pick up lightweight items like folding chairs and stools from the STRANDÖN summer collection, designed for impromptu days away from home.
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Ding, dong! Your party has arrived!

Everyone knows that the best birthday parties are unplanned. Embrace the free spirit of summer with a simple, spontaneous celebration that's super easy to throw.