Thinking about a new wardrobe? Or how to make the most of the one you have? Here are our wardrobe organization tips so you can always pick out the right outfit, or at least realize a lot quicker that you have nothing to wear. With these strategies, you'll be able to maximize your wardrobe's potential and effortlessly create stylish ensembles that reflect your personal style.

Size matters

If you’re planning on getting a new wardrobe, start by thinking about how much stuff you plan to store, as well as different categories of things you have. Clothing, outdoor gear, shoes or accessories all have different storage needs, so this will help you decide what type and size of wardrobe to get.
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Awkward shaped room? Try a customised open solution you can build into the space.

Prefer a tailored wardrobe with lots of accessories? A wardrobe system might be right for you.

If you have limited space or want to coordinate your furniture a solitaire is a great option.

Choose boxes that fit right in

There are all sorts of different storage boxes you can use to organize the inside of your wardrobe. They come in lots of handy sizes so you can choose the right ones to suit all your different spaces.
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Medium sized boxes are great for things you need to keep handy, like toys, gloves or scarves. Try placing two smaller boxes on top of a larger one with lid for a neat, coordinated look.

When they slot together with no gaps, smaller boxes can help make the most of drawer space and keep awkward shaped, small accessories in order.

Larger closed boxes are here to keep seasonal clothes out of your way and dust free until you need them again. Some come with ventilation nets to help things stay fresh.

Maximise space with hanging storage

Make your space work harder for your things by hanging them up. Want an instant organized look? Simply coordinate all your hangers. Try hanging storage organizers too, they can help to make more flexible use of space, which is especially useful for things that prefer to be folded, like knitwear.
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Hanging things like shirts, dresses, trousers and jackets means fewer wrinkles and gives you a good overview. Arrange them by colour for a calmer look.

With a hanging storage organizer you can put things directly onto the shelves or add useful accessories like boxes to make flexible use of each compartment.

Hanging storage works for accessories too. It makes them easier to see, easy to get at and is a total space saver for things like scarves and belts.

Put your clothes in the spotlight

Get a better overview of your clothes with lighting inside or on top of your wardrobe. Lights on top will reflect off the closed doors, throwing a soft light into the room. They’re perfect if you and your partner get up at different times, the early riser can use them, while the other sleeps blissfully on.
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Box, light gray

RD$349 / 2 pack

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Box with lid, white, 18x26x15 cm | 7x10 ¼x6 "

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Box with lid, white, 18x26x8 cm | 7x10 ¼x3 ¼ "

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Wardrobe with 2 doors, white, 38 5/8 "x 22 1/2 "x 74 3/4 "


Wardrobe, 2 doors, white, 78x190 cm


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Multi-use hanger, white


Hanger, white

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Box, light gray

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Rug, low pile, 60x90 cm | 2 ' 0 "x2 ' 11 ", light blue


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2 section shelving unit, white, 125x40x201 cm | 49 1/8x15 3/4x79 "


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Cabinet lighting 150 lm, white/dimmable


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Coat rack with shoe storage unit, white, 78x32x200 cm | 30 3/4x12 5/8x78 3/4 "


Storage case, 55x49x19 cm | 21 ¾x19 ¼x7 ½ "


Wardrobe, double sided dark gray, 200x66x236 cm | 78 3/4x26x93 1/8 "


Wardrobe, double sided white/mirror glass, 200x66x236 cm | 78 3/4x26x93 1/8 "

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Wardrobe, white, 150x60x236 cm | 59x23 5/8x93 1/8 "


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Wardrobe, white/Fardal high-gloss/white, 150x60x201 cm | 59x23 3/4x79 1/4 "