Mattress that fits your body

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. During these hours, our body and mind take the opportunity to renew their energy. Our health and well-being depend to a large extent on how well we rest each night.  At IKEA, we work with sleep experts to bring you mattresses that suit your body and your needs. A range of mattresses designed to give you optimal rest, no matter what your body is like or how you like to sleep.

The combination of the right mattress, the perfect pillow and bedding that suits your body temperature is the key to a comfortable night's sleep.
The love of rest

We want it to be your ideal mattress

Choosing a mattress is not easy. That's why we give you 89 nights to try it out and assess whether you have chosen your ideal mattress. Try it and, if you are not convinced, change it for another one.

Quality and a 10-year guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of all our mattresses that we guarantee you a good night's sleep for 10 years.
Because all our mattresses meet the highest standards of quality and durability. That's why this guarantee covers defects in materials and workmanship.

Take it home today

Most of our mattresses come rolled up, which saves space on our trucks. Or, if you prefer, you can come and pick them up and take them home yourself.
Please note that it takes at least 72 hours for the mattress to return to its original shape when unpacked.

Spring mattresses: more rest, less waste

The vast majority of our mattresses are made of springs. We only use foam and other materials to achieve characteristics that we cannot achieve with springs. In this way we reduce the amount of foam we use, and make progress towards our sustainability goals.

Reduce humidity and improve ventilation.
Pocket springs
Great support and response to movements, as the springs work independently.
Improves the performance of pocket springs with 7 comfort zones.
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