VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
VATTENSTEN LED light strip
LED light strip , 39 ", multicolor


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With this LED lighting strip, you can unleash your creativity and decorate with light in all kinds of places in your home – above cabinets, by the TV or under the sofa. The possibilities are endless!
Article no XQTP 505.305.92

LED light strip 80 lm, 39 ", white


More options available

LED light strip, 118 ", multicolor

Previous price: RD$2,995


More options available

Key features

You can easily make the lighting strip shorter by cutting it in the places where it is marked with a small scissors symbol.

The light from this LED lighting strip creates a cozy atmosphere wherever you choose to place it.

The LED lighting strip is bendable, so you can easily fix it behind the TV or a bookcase.

If you do not need its entire length, you can gather excess cable by using the included touch-and-close fastening and cable clips.

Easy to fix in place – just remove the paper from the self-adhesive tape and stick the lighting strip where you want it.

If you want to turn the lighting strip on and off at the same time as you turn the TV on and off, you can connect it directly to the TV's USB-A port by using the included connector.

The lighting strip has 3 different modes that you can easily change by using the button.

Press the button once to get a light that automatically changes color. If you don’t want the light to change color, press a second time when the light has the color you prefer.

If you press the button 3 times you get a soft, subdued light that changes color.


IKEA of Sweden

Good to know

Built-in LED light source.

LED life approx. 25,000 hours.

Not dimmable.

For indoor use only.

This product bears the CE mark.

The light changes color - press the switch to lock it on one color.

The lighting strip comes with a USB-A cord.


Assembled size

Cord length:6 ' 7 "
Length:39 "
Power:1 W

Package size & weight

Do you take it home? Make sure it fits in your vehicle.

Length: 3 ½ "
Width: 3 ½ "
Height: 1 ¾ "
Weight Gross: 4 oz
Weight Net: 3 oz
Volume per package: 0.01 cu.ft


Polycarbonate plastic

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