VARMFRONT portable charger 5200 mAh
VARMFRONT portable charger 5200 mAh
VARMFRONT portable charger 5200 mAh
VARMFRONT portable charger 5200 mAh
VARMFRONT portable charger 5200 mAh
VARMFRONT portable charger 5200 mAh
VARMFRONT portable charger 5200 mAh
VARMFRONT portable charger 5200 mAh
Portable charger 5200 mAh, blue


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VARMFRONT is the perfect powerbank to bring on your trips. You can charge 2 products at the same time – and always make sure that your batteries are charged
Article no 905.556.51

USB-A to USB-C, light yellow


USB-A to USB-micro, dark gray


USB-A to USB-C, dark gray


More options available

USB-C to USB-C, dark gray


Cable USB-A to Lightning, dark grey


More options available

Cable USB Type-C to Lightning, dark grey


Key features

A powerful, reliable and practical portable charger that you can always bring when you travel, are out hiking or make other excursions to be sure to have extra power.

You can charge up to 2 devices at the same time since the charger has 1 USB-A port and 1 USB-C port

The USB-C port is fast and powerful and can provide up to 12W, which is enough to fast charge your tablets.

Works with Android, Apple smartphones, game consoles, iPads and other tablets, as well as e-readers (including Kindle).


David Wahl

Good to know

The power bank comes with 1 USB-A port and 1 USB C port.

4 LED indicators gradually show how much charging power remains and flash when the unit is charging.

Equipped with auto-detect function ‒ the USB charger detects the connected device and adjusts the power output accordingly.

Capacity: 5200 mAh/18.72 Wh.

Total output: 12W.

Battery: Lithium-Ion 3.6 V 5200mAh.

Input USB-C port: DC 5V,2.1 A.

Output USB-C port and USB-A port: DC 5V, 2.4 A.

Do not open, crush, heat above 140°F, or incinerate.

Use caution to avoid puncturing the battery.

Disconnect the power bank (charger) from the power outlet before cleaning or when it is not in use.

In the event of a cell leaking, do not allow the liquid to come in contact with the skin or eyes.

This product is not a toy. Keep away from children.

Adapter for charging is not included.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries are included.

Comes with built-in over-current protection, short-circuit protection and overheating protection.

Special waste handling may be required. Please contact your local authorities for more information.

Internal battery may only be removed by qualified professionals.

It is normal for the battery pack to become hot during charging and it will gradually cool down after charging.

Do not expose the portable charger to rain or water.

Do not modify, disassemble, open, drop, crush, puncture, or shred the portable charger.

Portable charger operation temperature: 32°F to 110°F.


Assembled size

Length:4 ¼ "
Width:2 "
Capacity:5200 mAh
Thickness:1 ¼ "

Package size & weight

Do you take it home? Make sure it fits in your vehicle.

Length: 4 ¼ "
Width: 2 ¼ "
Height: 1 ½ "
Weight Gross: 6 oz
Weight Net: 5 oz
Volume per package: 0.01 cu.ft


Polycarbonate plastic
VARMFRONT portable charger 5200 mAh

Care instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth.