TRAMPA door mat
TRAMPA door mat
TRAMPA door mat
TRAMPA door mat
TRAMPA door mat
TRAMPA door mat
Door mat, 60x90 cm | 2 ' 0 "x2 ' 11 ", natural


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XANR 200.521.87
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A hardwearing door mat in a beautiful natural material. Simple to shake off, vacuum and keep clean from grit and dirt.
Article no XANR 200.521.87

Door mat, blue/light blue


Door mat, black/beige


Door mat, indoor, 35x55 cm | 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 ", brown


More options available

Door mat, indoor, 50x80 cm | 1 ' 8 "x2 ' 7 ", blue

Previous price: RD$279


More options available

Door mat, 69x90 cm | 2 ' 3 "x2 ' 11 ", gray/black




More options available

Door mat, 35x55 cm | 1 ' 2 "x1 ' 10 ", dark blue


Door mat, 50x80 cm | 1 ' 8 "x2 ' 7 ", indoor/outdoor gray


Door mat, indoor, 60x90 cm | 2 ' 0 "x2 ' 11 ", dark gray

Previous price: RD$595


More options available

Door mat, indoor, 50x90 cm | 1 ' 8 "x2 ' 11 ", rainbow

Previous price: RD$995


Door mat, 50x80 cm | 1 ' 8 "x2 ' 7 ", natural

Previous price: RD$595


Door mat, green


Door mat, indoor, 40x60 cm | 1 ' 4 "x2 ' 0 ", handmade/braided natural


Key features

Easy to keep clean - just vacuum or shake the rug.

The backing keeps the door mat firmly in place and reduces the risk of slipping.


IKEA of Sweden

Good to know

The rug is machine-tufted.

Only for indoor use.

What is coir?

Coir is a strong natural material. It's made by separating the fibers from the outer husk that surrounds the coconut. The remainder of the coconut is used for food and fuel, among other things. Coir fibers are coarse, stiff and water resistant, which makes coir rugs very durable and suitable as doormats. Bleached coir may return to its natural color if exposed to too much sunlight.


Assembled size

Length:2 ' 11 "
Width:2 ' 0 "
Thickness:1 "
Area:5.81 sq feet
Surface density:19 oz/sq ft

Package size & weight

Do you take it home? Make sure it fits in your vehicle.

Length: 36 ¼ "
Width: 24 "
Height: ½ "
Weight Gross: 7 lb 6 oz
Weight Net: 7 lb 5 oz
Volume per package: 0.30 cu.ft


99.5 % coir, 0.5 % polyethylene
Natural latex
TRAMPA door mat

Care instructions

Do not wash.

Do not bleach.

Do not tumble dry.

Do not iron.

Do not dry clean.


We want to have a positive impact on the planet. That is why by 2030, we want all materials in our products to be recycled or renewable, and sourced in responsible ways. By using a renewable material like coir fibers in this product, we avoid using fossil or finite materials.

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