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SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop
SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop
SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop
SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop
SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop
SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop
SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop
SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop
SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop
SÄRKLASSIG induction cooktop
Induction cooktop, black


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XNHS 204.620.66

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This energy-efficient induction cooktop features 4 cooking zones and 1 rest zone where you can park a pan, or place a plate for stacking pancakes. Auto-sizing elements adapt to the size of your cookware.
Article no XNHS 204.620.66

Under cabinet extractor hood, white


Under cabinet extractor hood, Stainless steel


Wall mounted extractor hood, Stainless steel




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Under cabinet range hood, Stainless steel

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Wall mounted extractor hood, Stainless steel/glass



Under cabinet range hood, Stainless steel



Wall mounted range hood, black Stainless steel


More options available

Wall mounted extractor hood, Stainless steel



Wall mounted extractor hood, Stainless steel



Wall mounted range hood, black



Ceiling-mounted range hood, Stainless steel/glass


Key features

The touch and slide control panel allows you to regulate the heat easily and precisely by sliding your finger across the temperature scale or touching the desired temperature on the display.

5-year limited warranty. Read about the terms in the limited warranty brochure.

Induction hobs are extremely energy efficient, fast and precise as induction technology transfers energy directly into magnetic cookware.

Auto-size detection in each zone automatically senses the size of your pan to only send heat to whatever small, medium or large pan you are using.

The power booster feature (P) delivers additional power to a single cooking zone. This kind of rapid intense heat is ideal for boiling water, stir frying food or searing meat.

The rest zone is the perfect place to park a pan that you are done with, or place a plate to stack pancakes.

The built-in cooktop timer lets you set the exact time you want items to cook.

The lock function deactivates most of the controls on the cooktop to keep cooking zones from being changed by accident or to keep children from activating the cooktop.

A heat indicator shows when the cooking zone has cooled so that you are not in danger of burning yourself.

Easy-clean as the induction surface generates heat only to your pan, not your cooktop. This means spills won’t burn onto the surface as easily.


IKEA of Sweden

Good to know

Cooktop with induction cooking zones: 2x6 ", 1x7 " and 1x10 ".

2x1450W induction zone with booster; 2000W.

1x1800W induction zone with booster; 2600W.

1x2500W induction zone with booster; 3800W.

Voltage: 240/208V.

Connection rating: 10400W.

Current: 30A.

Four cooking zones with power booster (P) included.

Induction cooktops requires cookware with magnetic base.

If you are uncertain about whether your cook- and fryware is safe to use on an induction cooktop, check with a magnet to see if the base is made of a magnetic material, which is a must.

Installation should be made by professionals in accordance with valid local safety regulations.

You will find complete information about the installation and use of this product under the tab Assembly instructions & documents.


Assembled size

Width:30 3/4 "
Depth:21 1/2 "
Height:4 3/8 "
Cord length:43 "
Weight:40 lb 0 oz
Frame, width:30 "

Package size & weight

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Length: 35 "
Width: 26 "
Height: 6 "
Weight Gross: 45 lb 3 oz
Weight Net: 38 lb 14 oz
Volume per package: 3.15 cu.ft

Assembly instructions

Advice instructions

Only the latest versions of these documents are available for download. This means that there may sometimes be differences between the documents you download and the versions that come with the product.