SAMLA box with lid 22L / 6 Gallon
SAMLA box with lid 22L / 6 Gallon
SAMLA box with lid 22L / 6 Gallon
SAMLA box with lid 22L / 6 Gallon
SAMLA box with lid 22L / 6 Gallon
SAMLA box with lid 22L / 6 Gallon
SAMLA box with lid 22L / 6 Gallon
SAMLA box with lid 22L / 6 Gallon
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Box with lid 22L / 6 Gallon, clear, 39x28x28 cm| 15 ¼x11x11 "

Previous price: RD$648


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CHRW 694.408.22

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This box is perfect for storing everything from smaller gardening tools to cleaning supplies. The clear plastic reveals the contents inside so you can easily find what you are looking for.
Article no CHRW 694.408.22

Box 45 L / 12 Gallon, clear, 56x39x28 cm | 22x15 ¼x11 "

Previous price: RD$995


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Basket, seagrass, 32x33x32 cm | 12 ½x13x12 ½ "


Box with lid, white, 26x35x15 cm | 10 ¼x13 ¾x6 "

Previous price: RD$995


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Basket, rattan, 32x34x32 cm | 12 ½x13 ½x12 ½ "

Regular price: RD$1,795


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Box, pine, 46x31x25 cm | 18x12 ¼x9 ¾ "



Basket, 32x35x32 cm | 12 ½x13 ¾x12 ½ "


Basket, seagrass/black, 25 cm | 9 ¾ "


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Basket, plastic rattan, 25x35x20 cm | 9 ¾x13 ¾x7 ¾ "


Box, bamboo/brown, 32x35x33 cm | 12 ½x13 ¾x13 "


Box, set of 3, bamboo, 23x17x14 cm | 9 ¼x6 ½x5 ½ "

Previous price: RD$995


4-piece bathroom set, bamboo, 15x10x11cm and 17x12x12cm

Previous price: RD$695


Box, black, 13x15x13 "

Previous price: RD$499


More options available

Key features

Perfect for sports equipment, gardening tools or laundry and cleaning accessories.

The box is made of transparent plastic so you can quickly and easily find what you need.

The lid protects the contents and makes the box stackable.


Mia Lagerman

Good to know

Recommended for indoor use only.

Product is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.


Assembled size

Width:15 ¼ "
Depth:11 "
Height:11 "
Volume:6 gallon

Package size & weight

Do you take it home? Make sure it fits in your vehicle.

Total packages: 2



Included products

SAMLA box, 22 L / 6 Gallon
1x box, 22 L / 6 Gallon, 15 ¼ "x11 "x11 "
SAMLA lid for box, 3/6 gallon
1x lid for box, 3/6 gallon, 11 "x15 ¼ "

Review the items that make up this item. The price corresponds to the items of the composition displayed.


Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.

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