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MÅLA colored pencil
MÅLA colored pencil
MÅLA colored pencil
MÅLA colored pencil
MÅLA colored pencil
MÅLA colored pencil
MÅLA colored pencil
MÅLA colored pencil
Colored pencil, mixed colors

RD$499 / 10 pack

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URI 504.775.99
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The MÅLA series has everything your child needs when creativity kicks in. Paint! Cut! Draw! It’s all about having fun and letting your child explore the world through their own imagination – there’s no limit!
Article no URI 504.775.99

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Key features

Creating and being creative makes you calm and focused, and is extra nice after a day of school and activities.

The pencils are water-soluble, so with a wet brush your child can blend colors in their drawing for creative results.

The pencils are designed to fit comfortably in children´s hands, so they can draw with ease.

Of course everything in the MÅLA series is non-toxic – we care just as much about the creative minds of the next generation as you do.


S Fager/C Tubertini

Good to know

Recommended for children 4 years and older.

Includes: 10 pencils in different colors, 1 pencil sharpener and 1 brush.

This product bears the CE mark.

WARNING! Choking hazard - Small parts. Contains functional sharp edge. Risk for cuts. Not suitable for children under 4 years of age.

The pencils will leave permanent marks on most surfaces and materials, however, immediately washing the area with a stain remover may give good results.


Assembled size

Package quantity:10 pack

Package size & weight

Do you take it home? Make sure it fits in your vehicle.

Length: 7 "
Width: 6 ½ "
Height: ¾ "
Weight Gross: 4 oz
Weight Net: 3 oz
Volume per package: 0.02 cu.ft


Colored pencils:
Solid pine
Plastic parts:
Polystyrene, Steel, Galvanized
Solid birch
Metal part:

Advice instructions

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Ideas & inspiration

Out with children
Out with children

The more, the merrier may be true for many occasions- but some celebrations call for a smaller crowd. Like a colourful play picnic with a few select friends and delicious- looking (but inedible) food gathered on a nearby patch of grass.

A modern living room bursting with life
A modern living room bursting with life

Step into this contemporary living room that has a light, airy feel despite limited space. Here, feel-good favourites on display and children’s activities blend together seamlessly, thanks to clever storage and stylish coordination.

Help kids help themselves: small space living with little ones
Help kids help themselves: small space living with little ones

A compact apartment designed with a child’s needs in mind, means kids quickly find independence in important ways. Wherever possible, things are kept within reach so that it’s easy to play, create, or help with chores when the mood strikes  solo or together.

Get set for school their way, and yours
Get set for school their way, and yours

Help your kids get ready for school with minimum drama by making smart use of the space you have. Pegboards are perfect for keeping all the things they love right at hand. Simply add hooks, clips, shelves, containers and bags to suit your child’s needs.

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