HÄNGIG label holder
HÄNGIG label holder
HÄNGIG label holder
HÄNGIG label holder
Label holder

RD$200 / 5 pack

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WNC 004.513.23
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Key features

By using pictures on the inside of the wardrobe you can show which order to put clothes on so your child can get ready in the morning on their own.

Make tidying up a game – with pictures in one or more label holders, it will be easier for both children and adults to organize the inside of drawers and wardrobes.

You can use the included illustrations as they are or let your child draw on them with their favorite colors.

Unleash your creative side! There are endless possibilities to create personalized labels with photographs, drawings and newspaper clippings – or stickers that otherwise can be difficult to remove.

Assembled size

Package quantity:5 pack
Width:2 ¼ "
Depth:¾ "
Height:2 ¼ "

Package size & weight

Article no: 004.513.23
Packages: 1
Length: 2 ½ "
Width: 2 ½ "
Height: 2 ¼ "
Weight Gross: 2 oz
Weight Net: 2 oz
Volume per package: 0.01 cu.ft

Care instructions

Wipe clean with a water dampened cloth.

Good to know

Can be attached horizontally or vertically to the outside or inside of SMÅSTAD doors and pull-out storage.

Can also be fixed to PLATSA storage frames and other products with a thickness of max. ⅝ ", for example wardrobes, doors and desks.

Symbols guide in the wardrobe

With symbols in HÄNGIG label holder, it will be easier for both children and adults to organize the insides of drawers and wardrobes. Use the included symbols or let your child create their own with some coloring pens.

Symbols guide in the wardrobe

Children learn through repetition and routines, but may sometimes need some help along the way. In preschools, symbols and signs are often used to help with structure and guidance. Even at home, symbols can support daily routines and are a way to communicate without nagging. With HÄNGIG label holder you can label drawers with pictures of socks, underwear and sweaters so it will be easier for a half-awake child to find the right garment. Use the symbols included with HÄNGIG or let your child create their own using some coloring pens.


Ola Wihlborg


Paper, Chlorine free bleached paper
Label holder:
PET plastic