Different students show us their bedrooms. Find out how they furnish their study life, get inspired and design your own beautiful and functional space, to make going back to school better than ever. So, how do you study?

Energy for a great start in school

At IKEA we have everything your children need to start school in the best way. Desks that grow with them, comfortable chairs for doing homework and some accessories to make work a little easier.

One of their best friends

Discover our selection of children’s desks. Functional and durable furniture that can withstand hours upon hours of homework and games. Also, some of them grow as your children do too.


Everyday comfort

Ergonomic, height-adjustable chairs that are as comfortable as they are sturdy. Find the perfect chair for your child to study, play or draw for as long as they want.


Everything in its place

When every object has its place, you always know where to find it and you can focus on what really matters. Our headset and tablet stand, for example, is perfect to keep your desk uncluttered.

What’s your style?

Starting university can be a good time to define our way of living and studying. Take a look at the different bedroom styles of our protagonists and find out which one suits you best.


Study together, but not entirely

If your children share a room, you can create a shared study space and, when needed, use a desk divider for some extra privacy.


What is your favorite subject? Ours is organization

Keep you stuff tidy at all times and create a space where you feel comfortable thanks to our organization solutions. Versatile wall pegboards, chests of drawers on wheels and lots of accessories that will help you have a clear desk, and mind.


Storage: beautiful on the outside and inside

Durable and practical chests of drawers, with soft-closing drawers and space to keep all your stuff always at hand.


Organize your desk

With the right organization accessories, your children will not only have a tidy desk for homework, but they will always find that color pencil they are looking for in the first try.


Pegboards, an ally on the wall

Pegboards are practical and versatile, they adapt to your space and storage needs and you can also add hooks, containers or shelves to them.

Keep in food in mind

With our food bags and jars with lid that keep food fresher for longer, taking food to school, university or work is easier than ever.


At IKEA we have a looot more inspiration for you

Decoration ideas

A lot of ideas, tricks and inspiration to make your life more beautiful.

Do you need extra help?

If you need help to finance your dreams, or if you just need a helping hand for assembling it.

Parcel Delivery

Buy as many items as you want with the parcel symbol and receive them at home.

Delivery service

The majority of our items are packaged flat to facilitate transportation and for you to be able to take them home easily. If u prefer, we can take it home.