Fall in love with verticality

Pictures, frames and prints, a wall clock, a nice combination of mirrors, storage in the form of shelves and hooks... Your walls are a great support, also when it comes to decorating! Take the opportunity to organize by height, use multifunctional accessories and gain an extra work surface. Show off small decorative details on your walls!

Walls full of emotion

Dress the wall with your favorite things to give them all your personality. Because every picture, every detail, speaks about your style (and your family’s), adding emotions to your space. Your pictures will become unique works of art, a hook will be your best ally during busy mornings, and your mirrors will be the reflection of wonderful moments.  


A wall clock to set your style

You can have the best bookcase in the world! Visit your IKEA store or point and discover some great allies to make the most of your walls and fill them with warmth! And remember: there are also practical solutions that you can move whenever you need without drilling, such as hooks and baskets with suction cups.

Did you know that KNOPARE is a hook made from more than 90% recycled material from fishing industry rope nets? Ship ahoy!


Walls that speak (and say beautiful things)

Did you know that walls speak? Not literally, but they say a lot about those living between them. Making their story cheerful and fun depends on your color choices, layout and space optimization.
The numbers on this clock face are made with small holes that let you see the color of the wall. It's time to decorate with TROMMA!

Shelves for your pictures

Display your pictures on picture shelves will be at the perfect angle! In different colors and sizes, to complement your walls perfectly.

"Make decorating your walls a fun task."


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white, 52x39 cm | 20x15 "


clear glass


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Storage box with lid
beige, 32x35x32 cm | 12 ½x13 ¾x12 ½ "


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Mesh bag, set of 2


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Pegboard combination
white, 36x56 cm | 14 ¼x22 "
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