Your kitchen at IKEA
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Take a closer look, because, for sure there’s more than one corner at your kitchen that you are not making the most out of, even if it’s small. From a corner between appliances to a wall gap. Let us show you some simple and economic techniques that you can use to benefit from any space of your kitchen and make it a space where you can relax and enjoy.


Wall organizers

Any kitchen commonly has smallfreewall gaps like, for example, the adjacent wall to element of big sizes, like smoke ducts and extractors. A way to make the most of these corners are small and economic wall organizers, like the ones you see on this image. You can choose some shelfs to keep there whatever you need or rails with hooks to hang kitchen utensils. With these simple solutions you will gain space without even realizing it. But, to make it more practical, we remind you that you put what you use most in that very space of the kitchen.

Auxiliary cart

Do you have any space left between your kitchen furniture? Frequently, when installing modern appliances in an old kitchen, some not very practical spaces are left. A practical way to use them is to put an auxiliary cart to store everything you need: jars, bottles, salt, kitchen utensils… Since its movable, you can take it and save it comfortably as you wish, so you don’t have to juggle every time you want to put something away. Besides, if you don’t want the cart to be visible, you can use a curtain to hide it. In this case, we used a 45cm width cart, but at IKEA we have different sizes, so you just have to find the best place that adapts to your free kitchen spaces.

Shelfs for pictures

Yes, what you are reading is true, a shelf for pictures (even if its size is of 12cm width, like the one on this image) can be very useful when making the most out of your kitchen space. How? If you have a narrow and high place behind a piece of furniture, you can put and use it as support folding chairs. A smart solution that will allow you to keep the chairs you don’t use and a tidy kitchen. This is just an idea, but you can also use it to pile trays, chopping boards or any other kitchen element that fits in an space like this one.


Organize your food and keep it fresh

Sloped roofs above cabinets can be difficult to purpose. A clever solution is to turn dead space into deco space, by lining them with lidded jars for food storage, thanks to the airtight lids, everything will stay fresh. Plus, their minimalist, sleek design makes them perfect for displaying in your kitchen.

Your kitchen at IKEA is another story

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Because the proof is in the pudding, our kitchens have a 25-year warranty.

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