Shared housing can have its challenges, but with a little creativity, colour coding. extendable functions and other smart solutions, one room can work just fine for three. Or even more than that, when you have friends staying over.


Double the bed space

It's nice to be able to house guests now and then, even if you're living small. With stackable beds it's easy to double the amount of bedspace and be a good overnight host.


Curtains for privacy

It's nice to have company, but you will probably need alone-time too. Just draw the curtain and you will have the space all to yourself. It's also a cosy way of cocooning the bed before bedtime.


Stay organised, stay friends

Handy storage for everything is generally a good recipe for getting along, not least in the hallway. A shelf for shoes keeps the floor from getting cluttered, and hooks and baskets set you up for a smoother flow with your things in check.


The best pillow is your pillow

When it comes to sleeping, your tried-and-tested pillow is probably your best buddy. So, if you're going somewhere, bring it with you for restful nights with a homey feeling.


The right shade gets the bed made

When you double the bedspace, you need to double up on bedding as well. With bed linen in different colours for each roommate it's easy to avoid confusion in the laundry.


Introducing the bedside box

If you feel that a bedside table is a bit too square, try a box. It gives you generous, easy-access storage and the castors let you swoosh it to right where it's needed.


A rug for double softness

When you are living with many people it can easily get a bit noisy. A big rug makes the acoustics in the room more pleasant, and its colours, patterns and textures can also add a visual boost.


Systemise with a splash of colour

A bit of paint on your untreated wood furniture helps you divide things up without actual dividers. If you make it a theme throughout your shared space, it's easy to tell what is what and whose is whose.