Mealtime mobility maximised

Want to take your lunch up a notch? Take it outside. Actually, with an EFTERFRÅGAD food vacuum flask and a HETLEVRAD insulated flask, you can take your meal just about anywhrere. And at any temperature.


Refreshments at the ready

Hot summer days requiere the right refreshments to cool you down. With a bottle of lingoberry drink in the fridge and a few snack packs wating in the wings, you'il be ready to go as soon as that irresistible sun calls your name.

Turn lunch time into picnic time!

Here is the recipe for a delicious lunch with a Swedish twist: Take some SJÖRAPPORT cold-smoked cured salmon, pair it with your favorite bread, store it in your IKEA 365+ containers, add your favorite topping.... AND YOU'RE READY TO GO! Invite your loved ones to share with you outdoors and enjoy a wonderful picnic!


Tailored transport for tasty treats

Containers keeping your drink warm and food in place can offer much needed mobility and flexibility when your schedule is uncertain. If instead your day is precisely planned, even better. Then you're free to find your favorite spot for a lunch on the go.


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Vacuum flask, stainless steel/black


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Dish towel, white/dark gray/patterned, 45x60 cm | 18x24 "

RD$349 / 4 pack

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Basket, seagrass, 25 cm | 9 7/8 "


Paper napkin, multicolor/flower, 33x33 cm | 13x13 "

Previous price: RD$169

RD$149 / 30 pack

Chopping board, oak, 59x25 cm | 23 ¼x9 ¾ "


Water bottle, stainless steel/beige

Previous price: RD$399


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Vacuum food container, stainless steel

Previous price: RD$695