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Imagine a comfortable and cozy space where each thing is in its place. A space that fits you, with useful and accessible storage, with removable hangers to keep your trousers and boxes specially designed to place your shoes and always find them right away. That place exists, and it can be your bedroom. Here are many practical ideas, valuable tips and smart solutions to turn your bedroom into the place of your dreams.
HAUGA is the perfect solution for your bedroom. This wardrobe, for example, combines open and closed storage. Space for hanging all your long and short clothes separately and sliding doors that do not take up space.

If you are looking for a simple, modern and functional design, HAUGA is the answer. Practical and versatile furniture that match with each other and with any corner of the house. Also, as they include safety restraints to fix the wardrobes to the wall, the HAUGA series is safe for the smaller ones to.

Make your wardrobe look bigger

The boxes, baskets, hangers and other storage accessories are essential to achieve an even neater bedroom. Store duvets and seasonal clothing inside SKUBB boxes and protect them from dust under the bed; or keep your wardrobe perfectly organized with storage bags and boxes.

There is no magic, just order

With SKUBB organization accessories order just magically appears. Boxes with compartments, storage boxes, hanging shoe organizers and many solutions that will make your life easier when it comes to getting dressed. Also, thanks to the integrated wardrobe lighting, you can choose your clothing even when you wake up before sunrise.