When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep it’s not all about the bed. The things you have on and around the bed can turn a functional room into a tranquil oasis. A place to retreat, relax and recharge. Because in troubled times, the last thing you need is troubled sleep.



Set the scene for your perfect night’s sleep

When it’s time for bed you want to be in control. You want light where and when you need it and the soundtrack of your choice to soothe you to sleep. HILLEBORG block-out curtains literally let you close the curtains on your day, while a ergonomic pillow will get you in the perfect position to drift off. You’ll sleep so well you might even win an award.

Think beyond the bed

A good night’s sleep is the sum of many parts. Sure, the bed and mattress are important, but the things on and around the bed all play their part. NYMÅNE bedside lamp will help you curl up under the covers with your latest book, while KUNGSBLOMMA quilt cover and pillow, and BRÖNDEN rug will add extra comfort and softness.

Colourful and clutter-free

A messy bedroom can really mess with your peace of mind. MALM bed frame with four storage boxes gives you plenty of space to put your clothes, bed linen or extra quilts and pillows. And once you’ve cleared the clutter why not brighten things up a bit with some colourful bed linen or a cushion like HANNELISE?

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