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A good night sleep is synonym of good health. Out mattresses offer you great quality materials and the latest relax technology at an unbeatable price while we'll also help you find the right one.


You have the right to change your mind. This is why you have 89 nights to try it and, if you are not convinced, exchange it for another one.
We are so sure about the quality of our mattresses that we ensure your rest for no less than 25 years.

If you want, our delivery service can bring your purchase of heavy or bulky items to your home or business.


You have the right to change your mind

Getting to know a mattress takes time. If you think you didn't make the right choice change it for a different one. You have *89 nights to try it, and if it's not what you looked for, you can change your mattress for another one that adapts better to the way you sleep. Change your mattress with your purchase receipt at your IKEA store or point and choose a new one.

*Remember that we cannot accept changes of dirty, stained or damaged mattresses.


1) Choose the type of bed base

Create the right base on which your body will rest. Take a look, get inspired and choose among the bases with legs or bed structures that you'll find in the IKEA 2020 Bedrooms Catalog. Find it at your IKEA store or point. Because everything starts with a good base!

2) Choose the mattress

Take your favorite sleeping position into account. Depending on it you'll be able to choose among a big range of mattresses of different firmness, made of foam or sprung. No matter how you sleep, IKEA's mattresses completely adapt to how you toss and turn in bed!

3) Choose the pad and cover

Keep your mattress as the first day, by adding a mattress protector. Also, place a mattress pad on top, making it even more comfortable and keeping it much more protected from dirt... Protection and comfort in one!

4) Choose the pillow and duvet

Choose the pillow that adapts best to how you sleep. We have soft, firm and ergonomic ones. Keep them always clean and fresh by using pillow protectors. You'll sleep so soundly! Also, you can choose the duvet depending on whether you tend to be hot or cold, we have synthetic or down, fresh or warm. They're also available in different sizes and materials to be even more comfortable, customized comfort for your dreams!

Choose the mattress that better adapts to you

El largo del colchón debe superar en 15 cm tu estatura para que tu cuerpo no solo quepa sino que además tenga cierto margen de movimiento dentro de la cama. 
Si tu peso es inferior a 70 Kg se recomiendo dormir en un colchón de firmeza media. Superado este peso, es preferible que escojas uno firme o extra firme.

Foam mattresses

La espuma proporciona un confort estable, se amolda al contorno del cuerpo con facilidad y absorbe los movimientos. Algunos colchones de espuma también incluyen zonas para mejorar la distribución de la presión, especialmente para las caderas y los hombros. En IKEA, hemos combinado la espuma en capas diferentes para obtener colchones de espuma con distintos tipos de confort.


What is cotton and wool?

El algodón se obtiene de la borra de la planta de algodón y se teje para crear telas. La lana se obtiene del vellón de las ovejas y de ella se obtiene hilo y tejidos. El algodón es un material transpirable, que elimina la humedad del cuerpo, mientras que la lana regula la temperatura, por lo que el colchón es cálido en invierno y fresco en verano. El algodón que utiliza IKEA proviene de plantas sostenibles.



What is jute and linen?

Jute is a long, soft and shiny vegetal fibre that can be woven to create thicker threads. Linen is a obstained from the stem of the linen plant. Both are durable and highly resistant materials.



What is coconut fibre?

Coconut fibre is found beteween the shell and the outer crust of the coconut. Coconut fibre i a great temperature regulator, which provides a restful sleep.



What is natural latex?

Natural latex is extracted from the rubber tree in liquid format. This Sap is mixed with a foamed liquid, pured into a mold and cooked until a latex block is formed.

Mattress bases

When it comes to creating your own customized resting space, mattress bases are always a great idea. First, choose the base for your mattress, the color that combines best with your favorite duvet cover.  Then, add a spring core. Lastly, choose your favorite legs. They're available in different heights and sold separately.

Mattress pads

Mattress pads, an extra of comfort! Mattress pads have all the good properties of a protector: avoiding moist, stains and being easy to clean... but, as they're thicker, they add comfort to comfort!


Choose the legs for the base

Complete your rest with IKEA bed legs. Choose the ones you like the most and match your base better. We have wooden and steel ones, and in different heights. They're the best support for your sleep!

Leg birch

Steel leg

Steel supporting leg

Bed legs


Mattresses for children

There's a mattress for every child... choose theirs! Mattresses with durable springs, that provide a support that adapts to your children as they grow. Foam mattresses that help relieve pressure points and offers a support that's adapted to your child.



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Delivery service

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