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HAUGA, the flexible storage

The HAUGA storage series combines a simple and traditional style with modern functionalities. Flexible solutions that help you save space in the living room. bedroom or hall. Chests of drawers, cabinets, showcases or shelves so versatile and functional that you can use them alone or combined with other furniture.

EKET, modern design

The modern air of our EKET series, the accommodating modules give the room a sophisticated look, combining very well with furniture of different styles.

BESTÅ, space to dream

BESTÅ is a storage system designed to adapt to your needs, space and style. That’s why you can choose among many different combinations, or create your own, choosing every drawers, combining every color, taking care of every detail. Also, the system offers a lot of storage space to keep everything, including electronic devices.

All the BESTA series

BILLY, for the book lovers

Our BILLY bookcase is one of the most representative IKEA icons. BILLY is much more than storage, much more than a simple bookcase. It’s an icon that rules living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms around the world. Its versatility makes all the BILLY series adapt to you and your needs.

All the BILLY series

KALLAX, room for every thing

KALLAX has a very simple shape, but it allows you to customize it with drawers, doors, boxes and baskets of a great variety of colors and materials. This allows you to cover any need, on the floor, on the wall or as a room divider. Some KALLAX furniture can also be placed both vertically and horizontally, with the aim of fitting it perfectly in your home.

All the KALLAX series

FJÄLLBO, industrial style

Our FJÄLLBO series of furniture, combines industrial design and functionality. The solid pine wood and the black metal create a space both rustic and contemporary. The series includes a collection of bookcases, desks and TV furniture that will add a vintage charm to the room you choose.

All the FJÄLLBO series

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