Your kitchen at IKEA
a different story

A sustainable choice and stylish, long-lasting design – our sleek FRÖJERED kitchen fronts in bamboo bring nature into the kitchen while the integrated handles enhance your kitchen’s clean lines and give an open, modern look.

Recycled and plant-based fronts

FRÖJERED kitchen fronts are made from sustainable bamboo, with a lightweight core of recycled paper and plant-based glue.

Everything in its place and easy to find

Here’s a simple magic trick for your kitchen: a cutlery tray! It makes all your cutlery and utensils visible and easy to find, so you don’t need to spend time looking for that always-disappearing teaspoon.


Bins with benefits

Waste-sorting is so much easier when you have a container for each type of waste. Pro tip: place your bins as close to the sink as possible to minimize mess.


Bamboo at the table

Bamboo is a neat, durable and stable hardwood that’s moisture and scratch-resistant, so one can say that it’s the ideal dining table material.


Room-dividing storage

A shelving unit in the middle of the room? Absolutely, it’s the perfect room divider! A mix of storage and decorative items combines functionality with personality.


Your kitchen at IKEA is another story

25-year warranty

Because the proof is in the pudding, our kitchens have a 25-year warranty.

All the inspiration you need!

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Planning service

Did you know that you can achieve your dream kitchen thanks to our personalized Planning Service?