We created this modern kitchen for a medium-sized living space with everything for the family. All the super-modern kitchen appliances plus room for everyone to meet, mix and breath. Storage and surfaces for work, homework or preparing food. A hive of activity where all are welcome and warm colours reflect the warmth of the family.


Kitchen shelving and fronts combine functionality with feeling

We’ve added a decorative touch to utility, with a greenery vibe on the wall shelves for storage with a smile. These upbeat being kitchen fronts have the same smile. Everyone’s happy. All you need is an espresso machine and you’ve got a quick coffee break in this functional kitchen where minimalist meets warmth


Integrated induction hob and frying pan are part of the family

Look at the details of this family kitchen. Open drawers, you have handy storage for herbs and spices. This Integrated induction hob with Hood, a frying pan, and the people you love sitting in the background, you cook and laugh with the family at the same time. Multitasking doesn’t get any better.

Table, tablecloths and glasses are the centre of family you-time

The kitchen table is the centre of kitchen life. This bright and colorful area combines table, tablecloth, plates, glasses andd napkins. Almost like that favorite cfé meeting place, but at the heart of this home. Slightly retro, totally hospitable.

Trolleys deliver kitchen mobility

This kitchen trolley gives you the mobility that makes things work. With its matching color, it’s almost a kitchen island on wheels. Use it for practical storage of every-day kitchen utility ítems ore ven transporting food, drink or utensils to the table.

A smart speaker lamps makes every kitchen corner your own

Little kitchen nooks sometimes get ignored, so we’ve brought them into the family. We’ve utilized these extra spaces so kids can do their homework or placed a Little greenery for atmosphere. And to top it, this speaker lamp brings some light and sound. Maximized space is music to our ears.