Gardening for kids: an idea to entertain your children

Summer is the perfect time for growth. In this article, we show you how home gardening can be a fun and educative way to entertain your children. It doesn't matter if you don't have a garden or you live in a flat in the city. You can have an urban garden! Also, it's a way of reconnecting them with nature and teach them positive value to look after it

Homemade compost
First, we need to make a list of everything we need to get to work with the small ones in the house and teach them the art of gardening. Our basics will be: compost, seeds, planting pots, a watering can and a small greenhouse.

We can obtain compost in a natural way at home if we use the organic food waste. We only need a specific container for organic waste. We can also use
coffee grounds as vegetal nutrition.

Don't throw the stems of carrots, beets, onions, lettuce or similar, as they are useful to germinate new vegetables.

Jar with lid
Bin with lid for organic waste
Muffin tin

How to grow without seeds

Even when most of it has been used for cooking, a vegetable can often regrow with only part of the stem. There are many vegetables, fruits and plants that you can recover and make them grow from their waste at home. For example, you can regrow garlics, celeries, a pineapple, avocado, tomato, carrot, basil, coriander or aloe vera, among many more. To do this, you only need a piece of the vegetal or the plant and place it in a small plant pot with soil and water. Then wait and you'll see which ones take root.

You must make it easy for your kids so that they can help you with these tasks. The worktop of your kitchen is the ideal working surface, but it probably is not at the right height for your kids. You can achieve this with a stool. Having a place to sit down while they watch how their mini garden evolves is also an advantage.

How to make cuttings in water
You can try types of growth and germination. By placing for example, leek, onions and artichokes in water, so they can grow new roots and keep on growing.
Children can add smily faces to see how they grow interesting hairstyles and hats!

Plant seeds from your vegetables

If making waste regrow is not fascinating enough for your kids and they want more, try to plant pepper or tomato seeds!
Simply remove the seeds of your vegetables, let them try under the sun for a few days and them place them in a planter with soil, substrate, water, and wait for the magic to happen! If the plant pot is very small, when the plant is a good size, you'll need to transplant it to a bigger one.

Floor protector
Watering can

A home urban garden

When you finish planting and you've cleaned the kitchen, you can put our home garden near natural light to let it, for example, on a trolley. Place a floor protector under it to avoid possible spills from the watering can or bottle and rests of coffee for the everyday care!

A small interior greenhouse

Another good option to place an orderly and stylish home urban garden in a small greenhouse such as this. You can put it in the kitchen, on a window or on a living room shelve, but always to a height where the small ones can easily access it to inspect it. Once plants start growing, you can mark their progress, and the scene will change every day. Maybe a school project in construction?

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