Although the trend of white and clarity is one of the most popular styles, there are many ways to design and decorate a house. For example, today we are going to show you the possibilities of decorating a kitchen in dark tones, you will see how stylish it is!


The personality of a dark kitchen


We have a wide variety of styles and palettes with which to play when designing a kitchen. And without losing that feeling of being in a comfortable place! Playing with darker tones, like blacks and browns, can help you give your kitchen a distinctive touch and load it with a huge personality. These type of colors, however, are more recommended to broad spaces, where we want to delimit the area and add a little warmth. If, on the contrary, your kitchen is not provided with big dimensions, we recomment you introduce some light elements in order not to lose the visual amplitude (like on the counters or in the color of the walls).

How to combine a dark kitchen


You can choose between different combinations just with the counter, perfect for the more industrial style lovers. To get this finish, we recommend that the space is very bright, whether it is from natural light or by using lamps or spotlights. Otherwise, this added darkness might be very intense and ruin the final result.


If you want a more warm kitchen without losing its luminosity, even if you play with dark colors, you can always combine the darkest kitchen fronts with a kitchen counter in ecru tones. This type of mix is perfect for kitchens that want to enhance a natural style in earth tones and wooden details!


In this example we show you another option for you to know how to introduce dark colors in a rustic kitchen. In this case, we play with the personality of the more robust finishes, like wooden beams or the rugorsity of the walls. The drawers and display cabinets are completely black tinted, but the color wood of the counter is the perfect bridge for the transition of the space colors.

A sustainable and dark kitchen

Our KUNGSBACKA kitchen is one of the best examples, since its created with recycled materials in order to better benefit from resources and be more respectful with the enviroment. In fact, the wardrobe doors are made of recycled wood coated with a sheet obtained from the recycling of PET plastic bottles. This way, we reduce waste production and give a new use to plastic.


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