This guide shows you practical must-have kitchen accessories (cookware kits, pots, pans, frying pans, grills, woks...) that you can find at your local IKEA store or IKEA Point at a great price! Since utensils are very important when it comes to cooking, it is essential that they adapt to your needs. Take a look, get inspired and choose what suits you best.


Starting with the essentials

A saucepan with lid, two pots with lid and a frying pan make up a basic cookware kit. This is exactly what SNITSIG cookware kit offers you: the essentials you need on a daily basis. And it is made of stainless steel, a durable and easy-to-clean material.

As your needs change, you can add other specific accessories, such as a wok, frying pans, a grill.... the magic in the kitchen is all up to you!

Pots, a must

Whether cooking a stew for the whole family or a pasta dish for two, pots are a must in your kitchen, plus their handles make them easy and safe to move around.

And remember: if you cook with the lid on, food will reach boiling point faster, saving time, energy and money, as well as reducing your environmental footprint.

Saucepans: small chefs

Ranging from half a liter to two liters in capacity, saucepans or heaters have a long, straight handle that makes them essential for cooking small meals, heating sauces or preparing baby bottles.

Grab the pan by the handle

When frying or sautéing, frying pans are the joy and sizzle of the kitchen. They are made of different materials and have an IKEA guarantee, to help you prepare tasty dishes. Aluminum pans distribute the heat evenly and regulate it so that food does not burn or stick to it. Metal ones are also perfect to use in the oven. And remember: we recommend using mittens to move them.

Tasty grill!

At IKEA you will find grills with non-stick coating for low oil cooking and easy cleaning (their design makes it easy to remove excess grease). Grills also leave tasty-looking marks on the food. They are a small barbecue at home!

Ok, wok

A wok is the perfect kitchen tool for light and healthy stir-fries, as it allows you to cook with little oil. Because they have sloping sides, the food always stays at the bottom, where the heat is stronger and more evenly distributed. Its built-in handles help to lift the wok, even when it is full of food. Note: Stirring constantly makes the food crispy.... yum, yum!

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