Our interior designers give us some tips to create an elegant and stylish workspace at home. Some simple tricks to design our home office that can be adapted to any home. Take note as they will surely give your some ideas to set a perfect desk for teleworking!

Show your office material

Don’t hide your work, bring it to light and let your home office speak out everything you do! Even if you’re not working with vintage painting tools or retro cameras, you may have projects or pieces that you can display on a beautiful table, a shelf, the walls or in open boxes and baskets. Get inspired by the golden days of your profession to create a space full of personality that shows your work and style! They can be maps, books, paintings, photos, cuttings, boxes with sewing material… And you, what would you display?

The desk, the main character of the room

If you have space in the room, place a desk near the window to receive natural light, but don't forget some extra lighting. Lastly, remember not to have too many things on the table that could distract you while you work. A notebook, a desk lamp, a notepad and office material will be enough for you to work. Leave decorations and memories for your files or boxes!

Resort to a single color palette

Here we resort to black and white and natural materials, such as wood, to create a classic and timeless style. If you stick to timeless basics, the style will never go out of style. To create a Nordic style go for whites and light wood. Black is more elegant, but we know that it doesn't match all colors and styles, therefore, white will be your best ally.


Just show the best version of you

The most important is that your workspace shows the best version of you, as it will be a place where you'll spend many house, and even, where you can receive customers and collaborators. Let's say that it has to be a room where comfort, quietness, elegance and good taste are perfectly combined. An oasis of inspiration! But, designed to spend long working hours too.


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