The versatile HAUGA series features storage solutions that can be used in any part of your home, including living room, hallway, dining room and bedroom. Beds – coordinated in style and materials – are also included in the series.

Hide away clutter, show off your favourites, and organise it all by creating storage combinations that fit the specifics of your home. Thanks to their design, the pieces look naturally joined when placed together, adding a made-to-measure dimension. When adding more pieces, their common lines and features help harmonise and strengthen the look of the room, even when placed apart.

The wall of everything

With the many activities intersecting in the living room, it’s also a space where the full HAUGA range can come in handy (and set the mood of the room in the process).

Dinner service

Easy-access storage, extra surfaces, and space for decorations are vital parts of a well-planned dining area.

All set for quick departures

An open wardrobe is an ideal solution for a grab-and-go start to your day. Accessible hangers, drawers and convenient top tray aside, the top edge is a great spot to hang prepped outfits – saving you even more time.

Combine units to suit your needs

With a wide range of options, HAUGA easily adapts to meet your needs. Since side-by-side pieces form seamless units, you can tailor combinations at will to match the specific layout and requirements of your home.

Bedroom, living room, any room

With a style mixing traditional lines with a modern touch, the HAUGA series has a timeless look that blends well with other furniture. Given the many possible combinations, it’s a solution that isn’t limited to a specific setting of your home. Instead, place it where it serves you best.

Flexibility on your terms

Storage space is often less about how much you have, and more about how you put it to use. Which happens to be a key benefit of the HAUGA series. Built for clever functionality and flexible use, it adapts to and simplifies your everyday life from the moment it comes out of the box.

Your horizontal helper under the bed

Besides swallowing a mountain of stuff, multifunctional solutions like these under-bed storage boxes help maximise the use of space (and virtually eliminate the need for vacuuming under the bed).

A complete bedroom set

Since beds are part of the HAUGA range, it’s easy to coordinate a complete style-and- function solution for your bedroom. While the bulk rests safely in drawers, keeping favourite garments and accessories in view lets inspiration – and the outfit choice of the day – come easily.

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High cabinet with 2 doors, white, 70x199 cm | 27 1/2x78 3/8 "


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Storage combination, gray, 82 5/8x18 1/8x78 3/8 "


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Glass-door cabinet, white, 105x116 cm | 41 3/8x45 5/8 "


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Storage combination, gray


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Wardrobe, 2 sliding doors, gray, 118x55x199 cm | 46 1/2x21 5/8x78 3/8 "


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Glass-door cabinet, gray, 41 3/8x45 5/8 "


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TV/storage combination, white




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Storage combination, gray, 54 3/4x18 1/8x78 3/8 "




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Wardrobe combination, gray, 101 5/8x21 5/8x78 3/8 "




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TV unit, white, 138x36x54 cm | 54 3/8x14 1/8x21 1/4 "




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