Here´s a versalite room that brings the family together in style- all day if needs be. Combining bold storage and beutiful furniture with smart work essentials, there´s space here for everyone to work, relax and eat in harmony.


Your instant workspace

Creating a comfortable- and good-looking- work area on your dining table can start with this monitor stand. As well as putting your computer screen at the right height, the integrated drawer keeps work essentials where you need them. Double down on seating confort with supportive office chair and you´re ready to focus.


A table for great company

With a lots of romos around this table for family and friends, here is a place for get togethers, games and generous feasts. The smooth black finish and modern desing creates and easy-going, inviting backdrop for happy memories.


Make a display of your storage

These classic glass- door bookcases with lighting can help all the family find a place for their thing. Whether that means books games, treasured travel finds or small electrical ítems, create a display of the things you love, and hide everything else away in baskets and boxes.


Practical confort, all meal long

With its strong shape, this chair looks great, either combined with the coordinating table, or on it own. The rounded form means that it is always comfortable, even more so with cushion pad – perfect for long lunches.


Storage with style

With its Wood effect finish, this sideboard bring warmth and elegance to our room as well as keeping serving platters and dining thing Handy. It´s also a perfect hideaway for your computer at the end of the work day.


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