Your kitchen at IKEA
a another story

Our inviting kitchen is ideal for this smaller apartment. Clean, compact and functional, it satisfies the needs of life in this modest yet busy urban home environment. Contrasting dark wood flooring with the white wood of the fronts and white metro-tiles, we’ve created a unified style in a kitchen that’s cosy, smart and personal.

White kitchen cabinets with contrasting sizes for a complete look

Herbs growing in the windowsill, a cullender in the sink so you can wash your delicious, healthy greens as you harvest them. This clean and tidy kitchen atmosphere is created by the white cabinets and sink that almost melt into the classic tiled walls for a fresh mood with great functionality.


Your own herbs make salads even tastier

Having your own herb garden within reach makes creating salads and other dishes easy, fun and rewarding.

Solid kitchen storage with a look that unifies

These white storage cabinets combine for a complete sideboard offering all the kitchen storage you could need. Drawers for cutlery and wall-mounted cabinets for plates, cups, saucers or even candles or kitchen towels. The combination of wooden and glass doors provides uncluttered storage or display.


Kitchen functionality with a clean and classical balance

This clean and cosy kitchen corner displays the traditional authenticity of the modern gas cooker, almost in its natural habitat, with white cabinets, tiled walls and classical cornicing to crown the element. A contrast of state-of- the-art appliances in an old-school setting that’s all about balance.


The modern kitchen with that classic touch

Get everything you need to enjoy a practical, integrated and balanced kitchen that blends modern functionality with traditional atmosphere.


Your kitchen at IKEA is another story

25-year warranty

Because the proof is in the pudding, our kitchens have a 25-year warranty.

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Planning service

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