Perfecting something in life - whether it's riding the perfect wave, capturing the perfect photograph or delivering the perfect sliced backhand - is all about finding balance and control. Creating a truly connected room, where you have total remote-control over everything from the lighting to the sound to your smartphone, is as simple as plugging in and hooking up

1. Get connected

A smart home is simple with the TRÅDFRI control outlet. It allows you to connect any lamp, coffee maker or another household appliance and switch it on and off from a distance with a remote or with the IKEA Home smart app.

2. Custom-build your lighting

A smart home is simple with the The dimmable, LED MYRVARV lighting strip is super-flexible and can be cut to size and bent around corners. You can either steer it with a remote control or by connecting it to your IKEA Home smart system, which also allows you to set timers with a smart phone app.

3. Add fresh new sounds

The SYMFONISK table lamp with a built-in WIFI speaker was created through a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos. It allows you to stream music, radio and podcasts and it can be controlled remotely by downloading the Sonos app on your phone. It can also be part of the IKEA Home smart system, together with lights and blinds.

4. Match the textiles

Complete the linear, graphical look you started with the MYRVARV LED lighting strip. The new SPORTSLIG bed linen textile has a forward-looking, athletic feel that works perfectly with a creative lighting set-up and neutral base furniture.

5. Turn it all on

The best tech begins from a solid base. Durable, timeless furniture with strong lighting and accent colours give a modern yet enduring look. And with one touch of a button, you're in total control.

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Loft bed frame with desk top
white/light gray
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