Wherever you need to store things, BOAXEL and JONAXEL have a solution for you to make the most of your space down to the last centimeter. They also have a smart design that adapts to your storage needs at any time. Brackets, shelves and other accessories are click-fitted, so they are very easy to assemble. This also means that they can easily adapt and change as your life changes too.

What are you storing?

BOAXEL offers you storage solutions for the whole house. It can easily be customized for every space and situation: from sorting out clothes in the laundry to organizing coats in the hallway or storing food in the pantry. BOAXEL can be even used in damp areas, such as the bathroom.


If BOAXEL has seduced you, now you just need to complete it with the details that best suit the area of the house where you are installing them… BOAXEL adapts to you completely!

How much space do you have?

Measure from floor to ceiling and the distance between walls. Take note of any windows, doors or other elements that could affect the design of your storage solution. Keep in mind the space needed to open and close doors.

Sometimes, keeping things organized can be difficult, whether you live in a small or large space. This is why we developed JONAXEL, a storage system that allows you to use the storage spaces available in the smartest way.

How to plan your customized solution?

When planning storage in your home, start by asking yourself what you need to store. Also, before you start planning your new storage solution, it is important to know how much space you have.


Ready-made or custom-made?

You can choose one of our ready-made combinations or design your own customized JONAXEL storage solution. Start by taking a look at the ready-made combinations included in this shopping guide. If none of them fits your needs, get creative and come up with your own combination.


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