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When we think of shared homes, we imagine students and young professionals, but there's no reason why people of all ages can't enjoy a communal lifestyle. This multipurpose home with smart storage and a design focused on personal and social spaces inspires living with others.

A flexible and welcoming living room

In a shared home, common areas need to be welcoming and collaborative spaces. Comfortable cushions, blankets and a bookcase are there to be shared. Likewise, one-seater sofas and coffee tables on wheels allow the living room to be flexibly reconfigured for different group and solo activities.
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Lightweight, eye-catching chairs for lounging

Just like the sofa modules and coffee tables, these red-stained oak veneer armchairs suit any activity or social gathering. Plus, they add a striking splash of color and pleasing design to this fun space.
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A distraction-free workspace

Creating a space to focus on work in a shared home can be tricky. Place a standing/sitting desk facing the wall to avoid distractions and an overhead cabinet to avoid cluttering surfaces.
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A kitchen for home cooking

An adaptable home means that food preparation and storage have to keep pace with those who live in it. Two large kitchen islands with seating on one side and storage on the other offer more than enough space to prepare delicious dishes and share tasks (whether it's cooking or storytelling).
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The creative center of the home

Read, craft, play... With four lightweight, adaptable tables, you can create the ideal common area on a budget. This space surrounded by eclectic chairs gives you a place to sit comfortably and join in the fun at any time.

Make room for pottery in your home

There are many projects that can be done at the table, but pottery needs a place of its own. Storage with open shelves to set bowls out to dry, and plastic buckets to store wet clay allow you to create amazing pieces in this space.
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Cleaning zones

A large home needs smart cleaning solutions. Both the bathroom and laundry areas are configured to handle heavy workloads. The washer, dryer and plenty of laundry storage options make it easy to clean and dry clothes.
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A master bedroom with room for you

Sharing a home doesn't mean you have to share everything. This bedroom offers a totally private space with an upholstered bed and an armchair for rest and relaxation. With storage for clothes in the closet and under the bed, the space stays tidy at all times.
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A resplendent garden

The terrace is designed for long spring evenings with a large table, comfortable seating and abundant greenery. All the elements are placed on top of an attractive, easy-to-install floor so that they are leveled in an impeccable environment.
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